This Week at Red Branch: Cultivate Your Talent, Prep Work For a Meeting, Millennials Love Video Interviewing, and Why Businesses are Becoming More Transparent

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First of all we hope you are all enjoying your Holiday Weekend! Happy 4th to everyone. We have been very busy reading, writing, and posting all over the internet for clients this week. Here is a quick glance of what we’ve been up to at Red Branch Media.

Our Friends over at Visibility Software wrote a great article about succession planning and how to best set your career path in motion.

Successful Succession Planning

small__4314980562Succession planning is often found on the back burner, and with it, a focus on retention. This makes zero sense. Succession planning is a vital part of keeping a business running with as few hiccups as possible, especially the higher up the ladder your go.

When you find talent that is valued within your company, treat it as such. Creating a program for talent that you already have, to grow into executive positions, puts you strides ahead of the game. The resources that go into executive hiring are vast. Save time and money by concentrating on cultivating the talent that you already have.

Succession planning requires, well…planning. Often times, the wishes of a company and the expectations of an employee are two ships passing in the night. Communication and being proactive are needed in a successful succession plan. Read more…

Our Client Careerminds posted an article that breaks down the steps it takes to conduct a layoff meeting. This article will help you stay ahead of the game and make sure all persons involved will be prepared.

Conducting a lay off requires preparation, and Careerminds would like to take the guess work out of it. In our Management Notification series, we are concentrating on the prep work for layoff meetings. These situations need to be handled professionally and thoughtfully. A layoff, whether expected or not, is a hard time for the company and the employee. Being prepared lightens the load for all parties. Before you go into room and address that employee, here are some things to consider.

Have Your Information Gathered

There’s nothing quite like holding a meeting and looking like an ignorant chump. Simply being the messenger isn’t enough at this point. You should have a strong dialogue and arsenal of answers to whatever they might ask. Before holding the meeting, ask yourself, “Do I completely understand the business reasons for the layoff including: Why the organization is eliminating positions? Why this position is being eliminated? Am I prepared to explain these reasons to the employee?” These are questions that they will most likely want answers to. Continue Reading…

Wowzer has been writing lots of articles about internships. They say a great way to attract interns is by using video interviewing software. As you may know Millennials are more attracted to tech savvy companies.

Attract Interns with Video Interviewing

intern_on_computerIt’s summer, and interns are a commodity hot on HR’s mind. Internships can do wonders for any business’ employer brand. The type of community outreach that cultivates young talent and gives them a foot in the door says a lot about a company. When an internship program offers the intern applicable tools and skills, it creates a great opportunity for growth. Everyday,technology lends us more and more opportunities to engagewith, and attract internship candidates. One of our favorite ways to attract these potential interns is with video interviewing, and here’s why…

Technology is like a Welcome Mat to an Intern

Unless you’re dealing with Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson applying for a Google internship in their 40’s, you will be screening candidates in their teens and 20s. This generation of workers cherishes technology. They grew up on the “cloud”. Technology is native to them, and it’s what makes them comfortable. By offering video interviewing, you are letting these young bucks know that your company embraces technology. This is a very attractive feature to tech savvy internship candidates. And isn’t that what you want? Offering video interviewing says, “We know you love your technology, and so do we!” Read more…

Becoming more transparent in business is becoming a lot more popular. There are several companies out there that are allowing their employees to know secret information about their company.

Becoming More Transparent

small__4799873055Transparency in business is steadily becoming common practice. Businesses currently have a decision to make, they can keep those doors closed, or let it all hang out. Globalization, social media and the advent of sites like GlassDoor have made it virtually impossible for companies to keep their secrets. Information is so easy to share and access that very little is left to the imagination. Recently, organizations have been proactive about sharing their information. The benefits of transparency seem to be catching on, as more and more business adopt these practices.

Transparency as Motivation

Forbes has dubbed Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, the president in the world of transparency. This is one leader that has fully embraced transparent practices. Fishkin actually posted his own performance review for the world to see. SEOmoz has also made their funding decks open to the public. They’re pretty much an open book over at SEOmoz. Fishkin pushes for “radical” transparency. He believes that businesses need to share failures and successes in order to grow. SEOmoz’s Director of Talent Acquisitions says, “Pulling back the curtain as a company, it makes you accountable.” They have decided to use transparency as a driving force behind their grow
th. Here is a pretty inspiring short video from SEOmoz on their radical transparency practices. Should we know that Fishkin’s bank account has increased by about $25K? Well, we do. Read more…

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