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We have been very busy reading, writing, and posting all over the internet for clients this week. Here is a quick glance of what we’ve been up to at Red Branch Media.

Recruiterbox posted an article on how to best put together your hiring process to ensure that a candidate has the best experience.

Streamline Your Hiring Lifecycle

The steps, the paperwork, the bits of information, the calls and emails can start to pile up and get messy, fast. Streamlining the hiring lifecycle facilitates a better candidate experience. When a hire is done efficiently and quickly the candidate feels like they are in good hands from the get-go. Streamlining the hiring lifecycle also makes for a more successful recruiter or hiring manager. Whenever a process is improved upon it affects the bottom line through time and resources saved.

The hiring process takes a lot of time and it involves a lot of steps. Improving this process can have a serious impact on the entire job of a hiring manager or recruiter. The hiring process went from an average 15 days to fill in 2009, to 23. Although we’re steadily pulling out of a recession, hiring managers and recruiters are so afraid of making costly, bad hires, that process has become drawn out. Read more…

Wowzer posted an article about hiring employees outside of your current market and the benefits that they can bring to your team.

How to Efficiently Hire Outside of Your Industry

hiring_outside_of_the_industryHiring outside of your industry can be a tricky move. This idea might meet some opposition, as these employees will require more time and on-boarding training than a simple transfer within the industry. However, the perks of hiring on an outsider are well worth the resources spent training them.

These hires can bring a fresh new perspective to the workplace. Having a new point of view in your midst can be great for problem solving, creative thinking and employee engagement. Video interviewing is a great tool to utilize in your outside of the industry recruiting process.

It takes a certain type of candidate to be able to transition smoothly from a different industry, which makes candidate evaluation a little tougher. The ease at which you can offer an interview is enticing to these types of candidates because there is no time wasted. No one has to schedule anything, commute, and sit through a lengthy interview. Read more…

Our friend Raymond Lee over at Careerminds had an article published on this week. He talks about Wellness in the workplace and how it can benefit a company.

Why Wellness Programs Matter

Businesspeople exercising yoga in office with eyes closedInvesting in the wellness of employees has a ripple effect on the entire company. Any time an organization makes a smart investment in their employees, that investment will come right back. Wellness programs are quickly being proven to be one of the most important tools that companies can offer employees. The physical and mental health of employees is of obvious importance. With health declining and associated costs on the rise, wellness programs are quickly taking center stage.

According to a infographic, workplace wellness interventions cost employers $144 per employee each year. So yes, there is a cost associated, but the return on investment speaks for itself. Workplace wellness interventions reduced health costs at a rate of $358 per employee, per year.  It turns out, wellness programs matter. Continue Reading…

Visibility Software published an article about how to change employees that aren’t as productive because they have a low moral.

Beating Low Morale in the Workplace


Instead of handing employees a handbook and wishing them the best of luck, there’s a better way to get them informed and engaged. Employees who are given the proper material and training, engage and produce. It’s common sense, if companies facilitate the proper training of employees, those employees can do better at their job, leading to higher satisfaction. If training is poor or absent, this situation can lead to a ripple effect of frustration throughout the office.

The training method, sink or swim, isn’t really a training method at all. In fact, it’s the best way to impede the work of others and wind up with high turnover rates. In a infographic, 40% of respondents said that on the job training increased productivity, and 35% said it boosted employee morale. Continue Reading..

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