This Week at Red Branch: Inventive Internships, Client Facelift, & Companies No Longer Low-balling Salaries


We have been very busy reading, writing, and posting all over the internet for clients this week. Here is a quick glance of what we’ve been up to at Red Branch Media.

Our client Visibility Software released their New Website this week. It looks timthumbabsolutely amazing! Visibility Software is a company that created Cyber Recruiter which helps to facilitate better communication between Human Resources & Hiring Managers. They also created Cyber Train that can help your HR/Training department manage all of their training requirements, deploy training, conduct tests and surveys along with tuition reimbursement and even more! Also, they feature an applicant tracking system. Visit their website.

Our friends over at Wowzer posted an article about how to recruit interns through social media. There is an interesting story in the post as well about a girl that landed her dream job through Instagram.

Top 5 Most Inventive Internship Ideas

In this competitive talent atmosphere, finding the top talent can often start with an internship. And internships are not what they used to be. Social media, technology and a push for positive change have all affected the work force. In order to keep up with innovative internship ideas, companies have to get innovative themselves. You don’t attract and retain good intern talent by teaching them how to pick up dry cleaning. Internships have a whole new life, and interns expect more. Here are a few examples of inventive internship ideas, from recruiting tools to the programs themselves.

Social to Hire as well as Recruit

Yes we all know, ignore social in recruiting at your own peril. But it’s gone farther than that. Clever companies are embracing social for more than sourcing and recruiting. Recently, a college grad scored her dream job via an Instagram photo. ePrize hired her with a socially shared picture! The buzz that this new and inventive tactic caused got everyone excited for this young grad to join the team. This employer branding tool got her friends and family hyped and part of the celebration.

This is just one of a thousand ways you can use social to get people looking. You can use social through the whole internship program starting with sourcing, recruiting, hiring, updating your audience throughout the program and then finally letting them know what the intern will be doing at the end of the program. Read more…

Recruiterbox posted an article that talks about how companies are no longer low-balling employees salaries. Instead they are offering competitive salaries.

Creating Salary Ranges: a starting off point

Pay transparency has been a hot topic lately. To reveal, or not to reveal? Most of the time that really isn’t up for debate. With the rise of social media, mobility and the globablization of well…everything, not much is left to the imagination. Information is shared so freely and frequently that when the preverbial veil is lifted off of a given company’s compensation practices, it can be damaging.

Companies have recently started toward the trend of pay transparency. The term can lead some to believe that workers will have a big number stamped to their forehead, but this isn’t the case. Pay transparency generally means that pay ranges for specified positions are made public, and for the most part, these ranges are adheared to. Whether each individual is at the bottom or top of that range is left up to the employee to share.

The rise of sites like GlassDoor, where employees can freely, yet annonymously share salary information has forced companies to practice in the confines of open and fair compensation policies. Companies can no longer low-ball, and employees and candidates can gain a better understanding of what to expect. Read more…

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