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This Week at Red Branch: Training and Recruiting in 2014

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments from the past week.

What are your training needs in 2014? Have you set goals yet? Visibility Software has a great training management program called Cyber Train. This week they wrote about how to set your training goals and also how to save money.

Training Goals for 2014

small  7658278494We’ve heard enough about the talent gap, the skill shortage and the war for talent…or have we? Companies are finding it harder and harder to find and attract the right talent, so they’re upping their game in recruiting and trying all of the tricks of the trade to find those skills needed to drive business forward. Please consider that this is only one solution to the talent shortage problem. When you can’t find the skills, why not train?!

Get Real About Training

An all-too-overlooked avenue to obtain great talent within the organization is to train for it. Companies have gotten so complacent that even entry-level positions are calling for a standard “two years experience.” Sorry, but how is that entry level? Getting real about training starts with the realization that companies need it. Read more…

Recruiterbox continued their series, HR and the Holidays. This week they wrote about what to expect in the recruiting industry in 2014.

HR and the Holidays: What’s Up in Recruiting in 2014

It’s a new year, and we here at Recruiterbox believe that this one is going to be just as full of change as 2013 was. The entire landscape of recruiting has made some huge changes over the last decade that have morphed recruiting into a totally different position than it used to be. It’s sort of the industry standard to have a New Years predictions post…so here we are! Read more…

Are you looking for STEM candidates? This week GreenJobInterview talks about how science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields are difficult to recruit. With the talent pool being smaller in this group, they offer some great tips on how to attract them.

When STEM Candidates Play Hard to Get

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 10.14.32 AMSTEM workers are those in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, and they’re in high demand. Companies around the world need more workers with STEM skills, but there simply aren’t enough of them to go around. This is called a skill gap, and it can make for some pretty competitive recruiting practices.

“Currently, many STEM jobs are going unfilled because there is an extreme shortage of qualified, educated, and trained candidates. As per the United States Department of Labor (DOL), within the next decade, employment opportunities in STEM careers will increase by 10%.” Read more…

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