This Week at Red Branch: We Explain Resume Parsing, Your Job Ads Are The Worst, & Prepare For The Healthcare Reform

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We have been very busy reading, writing, and posting all over the internet for clients this week. Here is a quick glance of what we’ve been up to at Red Branch Media.

Visibility Software posted an article explaining how some hiring managers are the worst at creating job ads.

Are You Creating The Worst Job Ads?

small  3426737689From clichés to common sense, so many job ads out there are filled with some pretty stupid stuff. At first glance, some of the requirements listed below seem imperative, but it is often relative to the position. Job ads take time, they cost money and they will ultimately gauge the caliber of talent that you attract. Please beware of these all too common, dumb job ad requirements and descriptors.

“Must work well with others.”

Well duh. Unless the position is for a tollbooth operator, the candidate knows that they are going to be working with human beings. If you mean that they should be ready to work closely with a diverse team on a daily basis, say that. If their projects will be mostly team-based, that’s what you should say. Describe the job; don’t waste room with common sense clichés. Read more…

Recruiterbox is continuing their Baby Steps in HR Technology series. This week they explain what resume parsing is.

Baby Steps in HR Technology: What is Resume Parsing?

As part of our Baby Steps in HR Tech series, we wanted to cover resume parsing and what this technology means for both candidates and recruiters.

“Resume Parsing is a technology that allows you to process online resumes by extracting data in an intelligent way. It helps recruiters to efficiently manage electronic resume documents sent via the internet.”

Recruiters use resume parsing to create a far more convenient and efficient resume and application screening process. Read more…

Careerminds had a webinar this week and they are helping HR get prepared for the Healthcare Reform.

Health Care Reform Briefing: What HR Should Know

By Judy Lindenberger

Today I interviewed Jennifer Calhoun Mohl, a Partner/Healthcare Consultant at Mercer, a global human resources consulting firm.

Jennifer, tell me what kind of work do you do.

I work with employers, large and small, in addressing their health care strategies and helping them decide what kinds of health care benefits to offer to their employees and retirees. Continue reading…

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