This Week at Red Branch: Win $1000, How to Fire Without Getting Sued, and Learn Valuable Training Techniques

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We have been very busy reading, writing, and posting all over the internet for clients this week. Here is a quick glance of what we’ve been up to at Red Branch Media.

Our friends over at Recruiterbox are conducting a contest for users to write up a review of their software. The winner, chosen by Maren Hogan, gets $1000 and a free life-time usage of their amazing software.

$1000 Cash for the best review of Recruiterbox

Money_Spent_Guest_PostWe built recruiterbox to be the world’s easiest applicant tracking system. But we could be wrong. Which is why we welcome you to submit a product review to HR writer and speaker, Maren Hogan. She will pick out the best 3 reviews.

The best review will be published on our blog on Oct 20th and will win $1000 plus Life-time Free Usage of Recruiterbox’s Small Company Plan. The 2nd & 3rd best reviews will also receive Life-time Free Usage of Recruiterbox Small Company Plan.

Simply follow the steps below

  1. Access Recruiterbox through the button below

  2. Explore the system

  3. Submit a minimum 300-word review by email to with the subject “Recruiter Review” by Oct 20, 2013

Careerminds posted an article written by Judy Lindenberger about how managers are often afraid of firing employees due to the fact that they get sued. Judy explains how to fire employees without getting sued.

How Can You Fire Someone Without Getting Sued?

Have you ever wanted to fire someone but didn’t act? If so, you are not alone. In exploring reasons why CEOs fail in a 1999 article in Fortune magazine, the author reported that CEOs were often unwilling to fix people problems quickly. Interestingly, these CEOs confessed that they had ignored an inner voice that warned them of a problem and refused to listen to the people around them. When the CEOs finally did acknowledge that the person had to go, their top reason not to fire the problem employee was fear of being sued.

Not taking action has its own set of consequences including wasting managers’ time and effort, increased error rates, lost opportunity and negative impact on other workers’ morale and productivity. And, in the worst set of circumstances, you can be sued for not firing someone who needs to go. In the 1993 Yunker vs. Honeywell, Inc. case, Honeywell was successfully sued for “negligent retention,” in this case Honeywell did not fire an employee who they knew had harassed a coworker. Sadly, the harasser later killed his co-worker. Read more…

Visibility Software posted an article this week explaining why training programs often fail. They also tell readers how to combat ineffective training programs.

The Worst Thing That Can Happen to Training

bigstock Young businesswoman holding wh 50589017Managers.

That’s right, managers. If your training programs don’t have quality and comprehensive information that compounds upon your investment in your management team, well…it probably won’t work!

Why? Because managers directly affect the people around them (at least they should) so if they can’t or won’t participate in learning valuable techniques and improvements, it will have a trickle down effect on your employees.

It can also thwart upward growth. If you have an amazing staff and a killer training management process, it will still suffer from a poor or disengaged leader. Study after study has shown that people don’t leave jobs, companies or roles. Who do they leave? Say it with me folks, MANAGERS! Read more…


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