This will happen with or without you.


Okay, I know that usually I am your cheerleader. Usually, I try to slowly but surely get you to see the future and your place there. But today, dear company, I am tired. Today, I want you to grow a pair. The fact of the matter is, you are quickly losing your relevance. And it’s not for any good reason at all! It’s because you think social media is too:


to get involved. Frankly, that’s ridiculous. And your dogged desire to hang on to what used to work is going to get you in a heap of trouble. What used to work isn’t working anymore. And as Mr. Vaynerchuck is so fond of saying “Every dollar that goes to a television station, a radio show or a billboard is in play.”. IT IS. Why? Because these media are IRRELEVANT. Guess what? That makes your message IRRELEVANT. Delivery matters. The experience matters. Where you find your employees, engage your customers, locate your clients and service your public is CHANGING.

Content is not king anymore. Conversation is. And your refusal to participate will not change that. This conversation is happening with or without you, so my advice, as a PROFESSIONAL, is to get on freaking BOARD! You are not powerful enough to fight the onslaught that is coming your way. You will not shout loud enough to be heard in a stadium where no one sits. Your company can not make a widget grand enough to sell from the pages of a newspaper no one is reading. Your job descriptions will not be written well enough to jump off the pages of a job board that no one visits (except spammers).

I know this sounds mean and I am sorry. But it’s your stubborn attitude that has gotten you here. Your refusal to slowly adapt and look ahead instead of futzing over what you’re leaving behind. So now all that’s really left is for you to close your eyes, walk to edge of the diving board and jump. I promise if you work hard enough, if you engage long enough, if you listen to your customers carefully enough and you present your story powerfully enough, there will be water in this pool.