Tips For Better Networking

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Originally posted on October 22, 2012.

7 Ways to Network Better

bigstock-handshake-isolated-on-business-42882616There are few sureties in this world but if you are looking for a job or actively recruiting, one of them is, that someone will tell you to “get out there and network”! The enthusiasm behind this is paramount, but the specifications of “networking” sometimes get lost in the shuffle. For a fairly linear person (me) it took some trial and error and then thoughtful analysis of what worked and what seemed to work before I finally nailed the formula.

Fresh off the fall conference trail of the HR Technology conference, here are the 7 ways to amp up networking and do it right:

1) Don’t interrupt. This takes a great deal of patience in my experience. When you see someone to whom you would like to be introduced, take note of their body language. If they are in a group of three or more and standing, by all means, go up to the group, stand quietly and slightly back and wait to be acknowledged. Once you are, introduce yourself, ask if they (and other parties to be polite) have a few minutes later to chat. If they are speaking one on one in a private room or sitting down, wait for another opportunity. Read more tips…