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Top 10 #ArtificialIntelligence Tweets from Last Week

If you haven’t heard the term artificial intelligence thrown around lately, it may be likely you’re living under a rock. That’s okay if you are, though, because we’ve put together our top ten tweets surrounding the subject to give you the low-down:

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1. What in the world is AI, anyway?

Karen.ai, RBM Partner, recently released a video breaking down the artificial intelligence buzzword to simple and clear definitions from the industry experts. This video is a must-watch.

2. The changes are a comin’.

Whether you choose to embrace them or not, changes are a comin’ to the world of recruiting. AI, automation, and VR are one of the greatest influencers of these changes. Find out what’s in store the next few years with these emerging techs.

3. Hype can be deceiving.

Scott Norberg is correct, there is a TON of hype surrounding artificial intelligence, deep learning and all the aspects around it. The article in this tweet from TechCrunch explores those limits and has an excellent TED talk in it as well.

4. If you’re going to use the term, use it correctly, please.

This graph from Cyril Reinhard tweet has us hitting the save button, real quick. Although the term artificial intelligence is thrown around on a regular basis, many doing so do not understand these other terms are umbrella-ed right under it.

5. Is it doomed?

HBR has some strong feelings about this first wave of AI infiltrating the corporate world. They suggest a mixed approach of incorporating AI into the workforce so total dependence doesn’t become a factor.

6. Here comes Amazon!

In this fast-paced race to the top when it comes to developing the latest and greatest in AI, Amazon has made its next move by introducing chatbot tools in hopes to compete with the latest voice-powered tech so you could use Alexa to do just about anything.

7. This could be your next career move

Although many are skeptical of the ramification that comes with embracing AI today, there are also those who believe it will help our world for the best. The CIO article referenced in Severine Lienard’s tweet states, “A recent study of 1,000 global companies by Accenture found that AI is already creating three new categories of jobs: trainers, explainers and sustainers.”

8. Fear and opportunity are on the same spectrum

This IBM podcast talks about the trends in talent management and you guessed it… they address the trends we’ll see in terms of artificial intelligence and HR. They recognize the opportunities presented with this collaboration the skills HR pros can continue to enhance, to function in tandem with AI.

9. Creepy or brilliant?

This WSJ article dives into the ways AI will help managers improve their leadership in the future including the different ways to lead each individual employee, depending on what they prefer. It talks about the different AI services that’ll help them do so including one that lets companies analyze workers’ email to tell if they’re feeling unhappy about their job, so bosses can give them more attention before their performance takes a nosedive.

10. On the other hand…

While many are happy to embrace the happenings of AI, we like this tweet because it shows the other side of the matter. Is the money companies are investing into AI being well spent or could humans actually do the job better?