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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Traits of Killer Client-Focused Companies

By Alison Wurth:

The challenges facing so many businesses are greater than ever. Customer expectations are high, competition is constantly intensifying and transparency is expected. Add that to maintaining trust and customer loyalty, and you are sure to struggle from time to time. These are just some of the issues today’s business leaders face. So what can you do to alleviate these challenges?

In this Red Branch Weekly, we’re focusing on customer relations. From arming yourself with the best tools so you can scale successfully to keeping your clients for the long haul, our partners at Kitlerly, ClearCompany and Talent Tech Labs have everything you need to be a little more prepared:

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Kilterly: 3 Detailed Ways to Scale Your Customer Success Team

professional woman performance management discussion

Growing your company sounds easy. If you do well, your company will grow naturally. Simply put, even if your company seems successful, you’ll stay stagnant if you do not scale appropriately. Not sure how to do this? Our partners at Kilterly have laid out 3 strategies for scaling your customer success team(s) for greatness. From leveraging the best technology, segmenting your customers and hiring the right people for the job – these are the tips you’ll need for reaching your company’s full potential.

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ClearCompany: Reasons ClearCompany’s Clients Stick Around For The Long-term

girl on cellphone and laptopBecoming the best-in-class talent management suite didn’t happen overnight. ClearCompany has put in their time and they know what they’re talking about. And thankfully, they are willing to share their secrets to success! Specifically, they have perfected their HR software so they will always stand out from their competition and retain clients like no other.  They have perfected their talent management software by listening to their client’s needs. Sounds simple right? Take a look and see exactly how it’s done.

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Talent Tech Labs: NOW Event Recap – 5 TA Technologies You Should Know About

Coworkers planning their strategy

Have you seen Shark Tank? Startups have the chance to pitch their hearts out to investors with hopes to impress. Basically, Talent Tech Labs set up a similar set-up for innovative talent acquisition technology companies to showcase and pitch to investors! Now that is how you treat your clients! Take a look at how the whole event played out including featured speakers and the 5 up-an-coming TA Tech startups you should keep an eye on. Plus, take a note at what you can learn about boosting your own clients in your space!

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