Twitter Recruitment is a Real Thing!

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Influence Lists, Twitter Recruitment, and Beautiful People

Firing a salvo at the “influencer list makers” Laurie Ruettimann of The Starr Conspiracy, Matt Stollak, John Nykolasian, Lance Haun and Steve Boese have all banded together to celebrate Tim Sackett Day.

People_Influencelists_Recruiting_TwitterTurning an “inside joke” into an actual movement is no small feat, but tired of not seeing their friend on the list, the five (at last count) have created blog posts, Facebook updates and a twitter hashtag all to give Tim the recognition he deserves as a true influencer. Meanwhile, the influencer himself seems to be either blissfully unaware of the grassroots celebration of his widespread dominion or is being tremendously modest, his own blog has a post about hiring beautiful people. Turns out they’re smarter too! Read the rest on

photo credit: Haags Uitburo via photopin cc