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RedBranch: We Won an Award and Did A Dance

We won a thing!

This isn’t really a humblebrag, it’s more of an outright brag. Red Branch Media, my little agency that grew out of a desire to work from home sans pants, has won an award. I am NOT super clear on the details but here’s why I am proud:

  1. We never submit for any awards. We always mean to and never do. It’s NOT at all wrong to submit for awards but there’s kind of a cool feeling when you get one you didn’t even know you were trying for. Side note: Shout out to Megan Foutch, Eric Foutch’s sister who found us online and let us know we received a spot on the 2016 Entrepreneur 360 list!
  2. The award is for culture and growth. Both of those things are things I am really proud of here at Red Branch Media. Our culture is very much something I stress about on the regular and again to be recognized for it is awesome, especially because the last couple of months have been non-stop hard work for the team!
  3. Only two companies in Omaha got one of these! Omaha is what you might call a “big little town” and while there are nearly 2 million people in the metro area, it still feels like we’re all rooting for one another, especially the agencies, which is nice. On the other hand, GO US!
  4. We kick serious ass. It’s nice someone noticed 🙂

While I know a few Branchers were too excited not to share early, this is the official announcement. Celebrate with us! We’re doing the happy dance here at RBM.

@RedBranch won an amazing award from @Entrepreneur! Curious to see how awesome we are? Check it out: Click To Tweet

Here’s the official release:

Omaha Digital Marketing Agency, Red Branch Media, Receives Recognition for 2016 “Best Entrepreneurial Companies of America”

The Entrepreneur Magazine Released 2016 Entrepreneur 360 list including top performing companies of all industries across the nation.

OMAHA, Nebraska – May 30, 2017 – Red Branch Media, an outsourced digital marketing agency in Omaha, received recognition on the 3rd annual 2016 Entrepreneur 360 list. The Entrepreneur Magazine releases an annual application requesting companies to evaluate their workplace based on four metrics: impact, innovation, growth, and leadership. Entrepreneur Media Inc. analyzes responses and chooses 360 companies with the best overall strategy, preparation and ability to endure.

Maren Hogan, CEO and Founder of Red Branch Media, was thrilled by the placement.

“We’re not a firm that submits for awards so winning this was as unexpected as it was delightful!”

The President of Entrepreneur Media announced his excitement (when the first application was released in 2014) of their discovery to gather complex data that is truly telling of an entrepreneur’s success, not only through revenue or growth but by relevance, effectiveness and significance.

Such a ranking – one that captures the spirit and reality of entrepreneurship – would not have been possible in the past. But today we have a rich well of resources from which to draw, including complex business data, advanced analytics, and social media. We will also pore over company financials, judging the sustainability of each enterprise, both on its own and relative to its peer group,” said Ryan Shea (@RyanFShea), President of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Red Branch Media runs on forward-thinking leadership with ongoing feedback, open office space and robust company culture building initiatives.

“We pride ourselves in our culture for good reason- it serves as the base of our business success and growth. While the actual entity is organic, allowing it to form on its own without guidance from you or your executive team, means you are leaving things up to chance. Be there for your team, guide them and they will guide each other.” – Red Branch Media CEO & Founder, Maren Hogan (@marenhogan).

View the full 2016 Entrepreneur 360 list here: http://features.entrepreneur.com/entrepreneur-360/.

To learn more about the Entrepreneur 360 award and how to apply for 2017 recognition, go to: https://www.entrepreneur.com/360.