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Welcome to the Branch, Kaleb!

Put your hands together! We’re welcoming our newest addition when it comes to employee onboarding – the mountain-climbing master and email marketing enthusiast to the knockout Red Branch team, Kaleb Vik. Kaleb is empathetic, ambitious and adventurous (that explains his thirst to stop, drop everything and explore the Rocky Mountains, all obligations aside).

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Want to hear something even crazier? Given the power of immortality, Kaleb would go higher than the mountains *lean in* he would explore OUTER SPACE. *drops the mic.

When Kaleb isn’t scrolling the endless pages of Instagram on his phone, he’s jamming to the timeless tunes of Eric Church, and maybe even reading up on the two topics that fascinate him the most, astronomy and consciousness.

Sleek client emails and newsletters aren’t the only things he’s building either. In fact, Kaleb has always had an interest for building and tearing apart structures just to learn how they run. He even worked two years as a machinist, building automotive engines. What a creative skill to own! (And a great one for someone who’s developing snazzy work at the Branch now).

Go ahead and take a second to be really impressed if you need to. I’ll wait.

Now that we know we all want to be friends with Kaleb, we have to learn how to get on his good side, here’s the scoop. His biggest pet peeve is when two people are talking and the listener is on their phone. He has a tendency to be skeptical and over-analytical, and he would rather delve into deep conversations instead of snacky small talk.

Respect, dawg!

Ready for the goods? Follow Kaleb on his journey to excellence, inspired by his favorite quote: “The past is just a story we tell ourselves.”

Twitter: @kalebvik