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What Does Your Company Look Like?

Originally posted on Recruiter.com November 21, 2013.

When Candidates Do Backgrounds Checks

medium_5496208756Recruiters are all up in social profiles, scoping out LinkedIn and calling former employers, but two can play that game. More and more candidates are doing background checks on companies that they are interested in, and for good reason. Not only do candidates do research in order to wow an interviewer; they need to ensure that this company is a good match for them.

Here’s what candidates are doing to scope companies out and make decisions for themselves:

Company Website

The company website should be considered the online face of your company. It is generally the first place that candidates will go to gather information. The company website (namely the career page) should be easy to navigate and have very clear calls to action. This page should display diversity and be visually welcoming.

Additionally, with 77 percent of job seekers using mobile apps in their hunt, an up-to-date website means more now than ever before. Company websites need to be mobile friendly or have an app to keep up these days.

Candidates love to see employees. Encouraging employees, management or even alumni to blog, share pictures or testimonials is a great way to get even passive candidates’ attention. Read more…

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