What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You?

Best Practices, Social Media

Originally posted on Recruiter.com February 16, 2012.

You’re Wearing That?

Personal_Branding_SocialMediaPersonal appearance. It still matters. Even with the advent of video interviewing products like Ovia and InterviewStream or columns like this one from the Atlantic that talk about taking the “human” out of “human resources”, there is still a premium on looking your very best.

Never has this been more important. With recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers scouring what they can off the internet to ensure candidate fit and wedge social recruiting into their budgets, your personal brand is out there. Many interviews start before anyone picks up a phone or shoots an email reply.

By now, most candidate should be familiar with the standard advice. Lock down your profile, take care to post professional (or at least not revealing /provocative/controversial) pictures, try not to tweet anything your mother couldn’t handle. But what about the more subtle stuff? Clothes and personal appearance can be distracting for both parties in an in person interview. How can you be sure that you are putting out an in-person experience that’s in alignment with the self you project on social networks? Read more…

photo credit: Alexander Rentsch via photopin cc