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This article was originally posted on Recruiter.com July 16, 2012.

The Sky is Falling!

Sky_Falling_recruiting_some_social_mediaRecruiting may be a simple process but it’s never been easy. Even consistent top billers and corporate recruiting gurus will tell you that the job is a difficult one, regardless of how much they love it. So it’s mildly frustrating, I’m sure, when recruiters are told to do one thing, like say, recruit on social networks or try video recruiting, and in the same breath are told how legally unwise those choices are. Here are a few situations that are basically the talent acquisition version of the “sky falling”.

What the gurus say: “If you aren’t recruiting on social networks, you are missing the boat and will be left behind with the cavemen.” Take a look at this quote from the Jobvite blog:

…adoption has reached an all-time high. When we started polling human resources and recruitment professionals in 2008, roughly three out of four (78%) used social media. Now, it’s become nearly universal at 92%.

What the lawyers say: ” Often, recruiters are viewing and considering information that should not be utilized in the hiring process. LinkedIn is replete with information that should not be considered when searching for or selecting candidates.” Read more…

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