What Will The Workforce Look Like in 2020?

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Originally posted on Recruiter.com December 10, 2012.

Workforce 2020

medium_3998546417Sometimes when I receive press releases, I get really excited. Like when I received one about the study on Workforce 2020, I sort of thought it could be the title of a movie or a rap song…. or at least would reference robots SOMEWHERE.

No dice. But there are some interesting things to note about the Hudson Institute’s study Workforce 2020, lack of robots notwithstanding, so let’s get started. Staffing Stream has a great article by Donna Carroll that breaks down several and very aptly pulls together three reports: “Workforce 2020,” and AARP’s report, Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce (PDF), and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Contract and contingent get their due. At least I hope so, there are so many great products out there to manage contract and contingent workers that make some of the technology we use for traditional HR and Recruiting seem antiquated. With 50 percent of the U.S. workforce expected to be comprised of contract workers by 2020, we can start integrating solutions that use mobile checkpoints, payment rules based on geography and customized workflows that aren’t based on permanent workers but written specifically to apply to the contingent workforce.

Workforce, the next generation. Actually, that would be five generations, yes FIVE generations of workers will be in the workforce of 2020. We’re living longer and getting smarter I guess. Also retirement is kind of a pipe dream for some. What does this mean? We have to get past our issues when it comes to working together. Not only will many workers have different statuses (see above) but they will have different ways of working and probably need different styles of management. Get ready. My generation (or something close to it, I’m 33) believes that work should be fun NOW. By 2020, all bets are off. However, one in three U.S. workers will be 50 years or older and maybe hate that. Continue reading…