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Work Resolutions for 2017 from the Branchers

2017 is officially here, and the Branchers are making resolutions to ensure it’s our best year yet when it comes to meeting business goals and growing as a company. Although research shows only 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions, our team is putting together specific and thought-out goals so we can be part of that 8% when this time of year rolls around once more. What do the Branchers have in store for 2017? Read what some of them had to say:

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Our Work Resolutions 

“My resolution is to work with my team to continue evolving our marketing automation department by taking webinars, attending conferences and providing more feedback. We have great numbers from 2016, I can only expect for our team to smash those numbers month over month in 2017.” – Eric Foutch (@erockfoutch)

“As Red Branch continues to grow, the design department does as well. In 2017, we’re welcoming in new design interns and my goal is to apply the same principals that make our design team here at Red Branch work so well together to the new branchers we get. Our design team here is phenomenal, and I can’t wait to make it even better with the new hires we will add to the team.” – Kyle Christensen (@KyleJCDesign)

“My professional resolution for 2017 is to stay proactively organized. My goals are to capitalize on some of the growth projects we’ve started and see them through so that they become part of our processes. I also want to help open a new revenue channel for RBM whether it be selling our templates, hosting marketing webinars or something we haven’t even thought up yet!” – Shaley McKeever (@Miss_Shaley)

“My work resolutions have to do with simply reading more. I think it’s easy to get caught up in meeting deadlines and sorely overlooking the power of good writing. Next year, I want to more closely follow the work of influencers and leaders. I also want to expand out of our space a little to hear from other industries, so I can apply that to selling Red Branch services, understanding different audiences or writing deeper content.” – Marissa Litty (@MarissaLitty)

“My work resolution for 2017 is to manage web projects in a more efficient and communicative way. I want to get faster at writing clean code and continue developing management and leadership skills.” – Kerry Pivovar (@kerrypivovar)

“2016 was the first year I ever consistently saw a small sprinkle of editors responding back to me for earned media, which is all I ever could ask for at the base development of the PR department. In 2017, I want to figure out best winning practices for getting in touch with reporters to cover press campaigns, receiving media coverage for special events and engaging analysts and influencers in our client’s tech. This is definitely something I at least tried in 2016, but didn’t quite succeed or make the movement I’d like to see. Here’s to acing it in 2017!” – Noelle Murphy (@NoelleBellLynne)

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“For 2017, my goals include expanding my network, my knowledge of the current industries we work in and others, as well as hone my leadership skills. My plan to make these goals happen includes reading a lot more and taking the best advice from those around me when it comes to focusing on these aspects of my career. I’m excited for the New Year and the chance to build off of the goals we’ve accomplished in 2016 and move forward with a great company like Red Branch Media!” – Shalaina Ocasio (@ShalainaRBM)

“My goals are to continue to be an asset to Red Branch. I hope to also be a full-time employee as it gets closer to graduation time at the end of the year! I want to continue to focus on SEO and content and grow in those fields to hopefully start doing projects on my own!” – Stevie Howard (@Stevie_RBM)

“I want two things for the next year. One, to be a kinder and gentler person (seriously) and the other to let go and let Branch. I have really talented people here and I need to let them do me and have me do less.” – Maren Hogan (@marenhogan)

“Work resolutions = I’m going to try to use a planner to help better schedule my time at work and at school. I want to learn how to do a new task every week.” – Grant Eicher (@GrantEicherRBM)

“I hope to bring something new and innovative to the Red Branch Media team. Everyone here has been able to bring new and fresh ideas to their department, or even start their own department. I also hope to develop my position at RBM into a career, and hopefully secure my spot as a full-time employee with graduation coming in December 2017!” – Haylie Rawlings (@haylieRBM)

“My 2017 Resolution: By the end of the year, I hope to be pretty good at HTML and CSS coding. I think it’s a skill that nearly everyone will have to have some knowledge in as we move into an increasingly digital world. Plus, it’s actually a little bit fun!” – Kendra Tallman (@kendra_rbm)

“I would say that my career goal for 2017 would be to learn something new in the other departments. Whether it be email and pitching, something web related, or even seo and social. Resolution: I do not want to say no to any task.” – Christine Harris (@ChristineRBM)

What are the resolutions you’re making this year when it comes to your career? Whether it’s expanding your network, be more productive, or even making a pivot in your path, be sure to lay out specific deadlines and goals so you can be where you want to be by 2018! Check in on how the Branchers are doing with their goals by following us on Twitter (@RedBranch) or signup for our newsletter!