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Workplace Distractions Are Clearly Costly (SlideShare)

ClearCompany: How Much Are Workplace Distractions Costing You?

Working at less than 50% of capacity is definitely a big deal. To put it into perspective, here are some things that would make the Red Branchers’ lives an utter disaster if they performed at less than 50%

Workplace Distractions


So you can imagine how unproductive an employee would be if they were working at less than 50% of their potential. Unfortunately, this is real life. Some experts believe that the average employee works at less than 50% of their capacity, and workplace distractions are to blame.

Take a look at this SlideShare from our client, ClearCompany, that has hit nearly 10,000 views to get a better idea of how costly this growing problem actually is to your organization.

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