Your Job Is So BORING

Best Practices

I was at the air show yesterday. It took an hour just to get on the Air Force Base and another 30 minutes of walking through a crowd perpetually looking UP. Not fun. But at long last, with three tired boys, we got to the front of the…place. There were flips and “dogfights”, there were fly-bys and parachuters. But when a plane flies by you in Mach 1 and you can SEE THE SOUND BARRIER BEING BROKEN, you realize one thing.

Your job is boring. So freaking boring. My future brother in law is a helicopter pilot (which sounds fun right?) he said he would give his whole job up to fly in that plane one time (don’t ask me the name of the plane). After that planed soared past me, my heart was pounding in my chest. I was in actual awe.

People always ask me what I do and I try to explain as succinctly as I can. After all, the market in which I operate is a relatively small and sort of complex one.

“Oh! So you’re a recruiter….!”

Not really.

“So you build websites…?”

Well, that may figure into the overall plan but…

“Ah, you’re in sales!”

No I don’t actually SELL anything.

I’ve tried to explain it all. Various people in my life think I am blogger, a travel agent, a graphic designer, and “doing all that social”. Anyway, whatever, my job is hard to explain.

And compared to flying at Mach 1, it’s pretty boring. I can turn on some Kenny Loggins and put on my dad’s old airsuit but mostly it’s just marketing. So I was getting pretty upset that my job was so darn boring (so is yours BTW), and then I sat down with my computer this morning and I was….wait for it….excited!

Waiting for feedback on a rebrand. Helping a client decide on an advertising solution. Talking through talent communities with someone genuinely interested. Finally snagging that client I’ve been working on. It’s freaking awesome. I realized that if my job is boring to other people, I don’t really give a rip. I found something I’m good at and that I love to do. I also get to work with seriously awesome and passionate people.

Is your job boring? Not to other people, because yes, it is. But to you. Do you struggle with it? Wrestle it to the ground on Mondays? Give up sometimes but come back time and again because you know you figured it out before and can do it again? Do you do a happy dance when you get it right?

I hope so. That’s the best job in the world.

Also I might take flight lessons.

photo credit: pheαnix via photo pin cc