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We are looking to hire a dedicated Content Writer to create content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and client websites. Using Hubspot and our internal processes, you’ll support monthly campaigns with our clients across the world. Working with a team of SME (Subject Matter Experts) to come up with the content ideas for the campaign to ensure that clients see real marketing growth month over month. Content is the fuel of the marketing machine and you are the person who ensures we have enough fuel to get where we need to go!


Red Branch Media is one of four companies that specializes in HR Tech worldwide. We know our market and we’re growing incredibly fast. If you want an opportunity that will allow you to grow in your area of expertise FAST and eventually create your own role, this is it.

Your responsibilities include evaluating analytics to adjust content as needed, regularly updating website copy, and promoting the company blog by pitching articles to various third-party platforms. You should also be able to follow editorial guidelines when creating content. To be successful, you should keep abreast of the latest SEO techniques. Ultimately, a top-performing Content Writer should be able to contribute to the development of strategies that will increase reader engagement. You’ll also be creating content reports for internal teams and clients on a regular basis and helping your team find inspiration


The Branchers are unlike any other work-family you’ve ever had. We work together, as a team, to make shit happen. From email and marketing automation to content and strategy, all the way through design, web, and SEO, the Branchers on each “pod” work hard to support each other in our stated client goals. We have defined processes, internal documentation, tons of communication and wine. We work in an agile environment that moves fast and stops at roughly 5 pm and all weekend long. Our ONE shared goal? Make our clients look like rock stars!


  • Hubspot: Marketing Automation and Content Management. We’re all in so learn it!
  • Our internal task management platform.
  • Outgrow: Quizzes, calculators and more.
  • WordPress: We build sites here and only here. SBI.
  • Google Suite: We’ve got templates to beat the band and we’re not into MS.
  • Sketch: Got an eye for design? You’ll probably be using Sketch to make it come alive.


  • Writing skills are super important. You don’t need a novel, but you do need to ensure you can communicate professionally and edit an article in a pinch.
  • Reporting. What numbers does your client need to understand and why do they need to see them? Know this and you’re in.
  • Our sales and lead funnel. If you know what TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU mean, you’re well on your way.
  • Deadline focused.
  • If you can see a problem, you need to be able to see a solution.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Curious nature to explore new ideas and topics
  • Great organizational skills and follow-up


  • Content Trainee: During this stage, the Content Trainee works with limited client interaction, but learns each content portion of the SME role in order to understand it accurately.
  • Content Associate: During this stage, the Content Associate is working within their normal content and publishing duties but does not have a full pod, typically hovering at around 2-4 clients.
  • Content Manager: This is the Content Manager that is capable of managing a full pod of clients and writes all short and long-from content, and one who can adequately perform any content-based duties if any SME is not there (writing emails, social ads, organic social, LP copy, web copy.)
  • Content Strategist: This is the Content Manager who has been training and operational at least one year and in addition to their duties can easily handle web copy on top of their normal duties when projects come through.
  • Content Trainer: This is the Content Strategist who has requested the promotion to Content Director, and is training their replacement on ALL the aforementioned activities and understands ALL RBM copy templates, uses them for all activities and understands fundamentals of our content process (including content funnels and advanced content strategies.)
  • Content Director: This is a role in Content and Publishing that does not require oversight by their AM. Typically, this can be achieved in 3 years.

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