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A Graphic Designer combines art and technology to communicate ideas through images and layouts. The designer understands our clients’ messaging and vision to successfully create branded deliverables such as websites, presentations, eBooks, digital ads, logos, and other marketing collateral. Using the Adobe Suite, Google Suite, and Sketch, you’ll help build monthly marketing campaigns that drive new business for your clients through design. You will be the go-to SME (Subject Matter Expert) for following best practices and design trends when executing designs.


Red Branch Media is one of four marketing agencies that specialize in HR Tech worldwide. We know our market and we’re growing incredibly fast. If you want an opportunity that will allow you to grow in your area of expertise FAST and eventually create your own role, this is it.


The Branchers are unlike any other work-family you’ve ever had. We work together, as a team, to make shit happen. From email and marketing automation to content and strategy, all the way through design, web, and SEO, the Branchers on each “pod” work hard to support each other in our stated client goals. We have defined processes, internal documentation, tons of communication, and we work from home!. Our ONE shared goal? Make our clients look like rock stars!


  • Hubspot: Marketing Automation and Content Management. We’re all in so learn it!
  • Our internal task management platform. 
  • Pardot/ Salesforce: Quite a few of our clients use these systems, bonus points if you’re familiar with them!
  • WordPress: We build sites here and only here.
  • Google Suite: We’ve got templates to beat the band and we’re not into MS.
  • Sketch: Got an eye for design? You’ll probably be using Sketch to make it come alive.
  • Adobe Suite: One of our design platforms. The most used programs are InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.


  • As a graphic designer at Red Branch Media, you’ll utilize your design skills to their full potential daily to create design projects for clients that not only look stunning but fill their purpose (i.e. the design will be driven to match the copy associated with it, will ensure the user that views the design is encouraged to complete the action it’s designed to promote, etc.) 
  • You’ll be working as a member of a pod/team that works together to complete deliverables daily, weekly, and monthly, based on the planned campaign. Your team will rely on you to complete your projects by their deadlines in order for them to complete their responsibilities, and you must be able to handle completing a list of multiple deliverables each day. 
  • You will design and create graphics for use in media products such as branding, digital ads, billboards, web pages, ebooks/whitepapers, free resources, and sometimes videos.


  • Daily Responsibilities: These usually consist of a list of 6 things – 1 large project, 2 medium projects, and 3 small projects. When even larger projects arise (this happens more often for the design department such as video projects or a large-form whitepaper), this list may be smaller for that day; but you should still be able to complete more than that 1 large project that day. You’re also responsible for responding to clients within 15 minutes, and branchers within 30 minutes – meaning you should periodically check your email and boards. In addition, you’re responsible for supporting your pod with whatever needs they have, including sharing #PleaseShares when posted, proofing projects, and ensuring you arrive at all of your meetings on time.
  • Weekly Responsibilities: You must look at all of your boards each week so you can make a list of all of the tasks you’re responsible to complete for the week and plan each day accordingly. You must also attend daily standups meetings, department meetings, client calls (if you’re asked to join), and ensure all of your deadlines are hit by Thursday EOB. You must also support your department should they need you on other pods – in the case of your other department counterparts being overburdened, out sick, or in need of your advice.
  • Monthly Responsibilities: You will be in charge of contributing your department’s ideas to your pod’s client campaigns each month and participating in a monthly campaign meeting to discuss these ideas and familiarize yourself with all of the other department’s campaign tasks. You will also be in charge of reporting your department’s deliverables and hours used for every client in a monthly reporting document, and research ways to improve or build upon these areas.


Design Trainee: During this stage, the Design Trainee works with limited client interaction, but learns the basics of all aspects of design, including technology, templates, best practices, and design standards at RBM.

Design Associate: During this stage, the Design Associate is working within their normal design duties and learning animation and design marketing basics hovering at around 2-4 clients.

Design Coordinator: The Design Coordinator is capable of managing a full pod, covering traditional design, animation, and design marketing, and one who can adequately perform light web duties and social/digital ads if the Outreach OR Web SME isn’t there for up to a week.

Design Manager: This is a Design Manager who is capable of training a Design Intern and has been at full capacity (all aspects of Design on a full pod) at least one year. The Design Manager can manage aspects of advanced animation, landing page creation, and design marketing when needed.

Design Trainer: The Design Trainer has requested the promotion to Creative Director, and is training their replacement on Design.

Creative Director: This is a role in Design that does not require oversight by a Managing Partner or Creative Director and can replace him or her for up to two weeks at a time. Typically, this can be achieved in 5 years. The Creative Director will regularly expand their role via other disciplines and be proficient in animation, all RBM processes, and best practices including design marketing on a monthly basis.

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