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Growth, Email & SEO SME - $40,000-$65,000 DOE


This role is a key part of the Red Branch Media pod structure. Growth is the most important thing for many of our clients and the Growth team consists of Marketing Automation Experts, SEO Experts, and Lead Flow Specialists. Each growth team member learns various processes using our internal processes, SEM Rush, our content templates, and Hubspot. You will create workflows, campaigns, and ideas to build out organic traffic plans and ideas for our clients all over the world. You’ll work with a team of SME (Subject Matter Experts) to come up with the campaign, plan the growth tasks and ensure the client understands the goals we’re trying to achieve on their behalf. You are the accelerant that makes the marketing fire come alive. Without your inventive ideas and consistent action, there is no forward movement in our marketing campaigns.


Red Branch Media is one of four marketing agencies that specialize in HR Tech worldwide. We know our market and we’re growing incredibly fast. If you want an opportunity that will allow you to grow in your area of expertise FAST and eventually create your own role, this is it. You’ll work with a crackerjack team of SMEs to build campaigns for clients all over the world. This role ensures the entire marketing team drives real growth and results. You will drive your team to meet deadlines, strive for the best, and build innovative ideas you may not get to try anywhere else. You’ll be creating reports and analyses to deliver to clients and your team to keep everyone on track and moving toward excellence.


Red Branch Media is one of four companies that specializes in marketing HR Tech worldwide. If you want an opportunity that will allow you to grow in your area of expertise FAST and eventually create your own role, this is it. If you want to expand your knowledge of the industry, work with a unique worldwide client base, and see what it actually takes to drive business performance, this is the place to do it.


  • HubSpot: Marketing Automation and Content Management. We’re all in so learn it!
  • Pardot/ Salesforce: A majority of our clients have one if not both of these platforms. If you’re familiar with them, fantastic!
  • Buffer: For constant social media publication
  • Our internal task management platform.
  • WordPress: We build sites here and only here. SBI.
  • Google Suite: We’ve got templates to beat the band and we’re not into MS.
  • Sketch: Got an eye for design? You’ll probably be using Sketch to make it come alive.


As a Growth SME at Red Branch Media, you’ll manage SEO and email for a pod that contains a set of 6 clients. You’re responsible for staying up to date on best practices in both sectors in order to bring innovative ideas to the table for monthly campaign meetings.

Responsible for growing and engaging client accounts’ lead base through email nurturing campaigns, strategic content SEO, creation of lead generating resources, and marketing automation.

Email tasks will include, but are not limited to: identifying current gaps & creating an email strategy that includes one-offs, newsletters, workflows, & automation, building new and improved email templates (typically 2-4 times a year), writing engaging email copy, building & deploying 4-10 emails per client per month, and analyzing results.

SEO tasks would include, but again, are not limited to: analyzing current SEO and delivering insightful reports, identifying rankable keywords and writing SEO titles and metas for blogs, landing pages, & more, and developing & implementing interlink and backlink strategies.

The growth marketing department owns reporting and is in charge of the overarching digital marketing strategy that leads to achieving client KPIs and goals.


  • Oversees client email campaigns and automated nurturing programs; uses email builders like Pardot, HubSpot, and Stripo along with HTML code to build engaging email templates, write relevant copy, and strategically segment lists that yield high open and click-through rates
  • A/B testing on marketing emails, landing pages, and pop-ups to boost conversion rates
  • Ideates and optimizes various marketing content, such as articles, resource landing pages, website pages, and videos for SEO best practices
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean CRM — including list segmentation and all marketing automation efforts
  • Conduct weekly and monthly reports that paint a clear picture of what is working well/what isn’t, and project suggestions based on analysis of that data
  • Setup and troubleshooting of backend marketing automation in HubSpot, Pardot, and Salesforce, including workflows (HS), automations (Pardot), engagement studio (Pardot), lead scoring/grading, field/property management, forms, completion actions (Pardot), etc.


  • Basic understanding of HTML and using drag and drop email builders
  • Thorough understanding of HubSpot, Pardot, and Salesforce, how they’re integrated, and how to leverage their marketing automation functionality
  • Understanding of SEO tools like Ahrefs, how to look at SEO data, and interpreting it into actionable campaign projects
  • Strong copywriting skills
  • Understanding of reporting on client goals and marketing KPIs for traffic, lead generation, email, and SEO
  • Basic knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Able to look at data and craft creative solutions


  • Energetic and collaborative mindset
  • Always willing to learn from mistakes and take constructive feedback
  • Able to juggle multiple projects at once
  • Elaborate communicator
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Critical thinker and problem solver
  • Acts as a team leader and is always willing to share knowledge
  • Motivated by results & consistently looks for ways to improve


  • The growth marketing strategist is the primary driving force of all-things lead generation; your strategy impacts how content writes and formats articles, how web and design create website pages (from the layout to forms to SEO)

At RBM, we’re open to your experience or your inexperience. If you think you have the skills to handle the role, we’re open to a conversation. We hire at all levels, this is the progression schedule.



  • Growth Trainee: During this stage, the Growth Trainee works with limited client interaction, but learns the basics of email, including one-offs, workflows, and working with design and drag and drop builders.
  • Growth Associate: During this stage, the Growth Associate is working within their normal email duties and learning lead scoring and SEO basics hovering at around 2-4 clients.
  • Growth Coordinator: The Growth Coordinator is capable of managing a full pod, covering both email and SEO, and one who can adequately perform light web duties and social/digital ads if the Outreach OR Web SME isn’t there for up to a week.
  • Growth Manager: This is a Growth Manager who is capable of training a Growth Intern and has been at full capacity (all aspects of Growth on a full pod) for at least one year. The Growth Manager can manage aspects of Outreach, Web, Design, and Content when needed.
  • Growth Trainer: The Growth Trainer has requested the promotion to Growth Strategist, and is training their replacement on Growth.
  • Growth Director: This is a role in Growth that does not require oversight by the AM and can replace him or her for up to two weeks at a time. Typically, this can be achieved in 2 years. The Growth Director will regularly expand its role via other disciplines and be proficient in backlinking and leading the team with growth ideas on a monthly basis.


  • Complete our onboarding and training process and learn all Brancher processes.
  • Get familiar with and understand your role therein.
  • Learn about the HR and Recruiting Tech space and our role in it.
  • Attend our daily meetings and attend all growth calls for your pod.
  • Work on your first client reports and report analysis to clients alongside your pod counterparts.


  • Create 3-5 new monthly ideas for your pod clients
  • Run a growth call with a client
  • Create new campaign ideas with your SME team during campaign creation
  • Create your growth processes document with your clients
  • Create process documents for your clients to manage sitemaps, lead flow, interlinking, and email nurturing
  • Complete your Hubspot certifications


  • Create an onboarding and training document for new growth SMEs, working with other SMEs to understand their roles and your impact
  • Evaluate 2-4 SEO and Growth Automation tools
  • Have an understanding of agile marketing
  • Documentation of processes to allow for smooth transitions and provide historical context


  • Be able to train someone in your role
  • Create a new report and process doc for your team
  • Understand all growth activity in your pod
  • Partner with Branch partners to plan your next year at Red Branch Media–present your plan and growth areas to help carve out time and resources in advance

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