To the Overworked VP of Marketing:

We don’t want to replace you. We want to support you. Our founder understands trying to create a GTM Plan for an entire country while keeping sales going to build revenue for a new funding round.

Sure, you need to blog twice weekly, make sure that all events and twitter chats are accounted for, get Hubspot certified and buy the industry focused webcast series to generate leads but… you ALSO have to create a brand new budget, build out your messaging framework, find any agency to handle your animated explainer video and get sales support materials to your two newest hires, oh and wrangle Salesforce to the floor on a daily basis.

We can’t (and WON’T) replace you, but we can help you, with all of the above and much more. Be the CMO you were meant to be, while we handle the tactical stuff. Get B2B Marketing Support

Overworked VP of Marketing