Products: Want to engage us with less commitment?

Are you here because you thought Maren still worked alone in her basement? Then this page is for you. While our consulting services come HIGHLY recommended, and every project at Red Branch Media involves the WHOLE TEAM, here are some things you can do a la carte:

Bylined Articles: If you didn’t know before, Maren writes, and every Brancher writes.

If you want a bylined article without making us your agency of record, this is a great option for you. While we won’t write just anything for the sake of a paycheck, we do have really strict standards for our clients and we adhere to them in all writing. We don’t want to write about things we don’t believe in and we won’t throw out a statement without backing it with research or a case study. Fair? Bylined articles start at $250 and are a minimum of 700 words.

White Papers and E-Books: Sometimes you need a well-researched, carefully crafted, meticulously edited white paper from a voice you trust.

Red Branch Media has been building resources for the business to business community for over a decade. Whether you want to outsource the entire process to our agency, from ideation to design…or you want us to assist you in shaping raw material into an educational piece of content that can generate leads, we can help. White paper pricing starts at $2500.

Webinars: A webinar with Red Branch Media is carefully researched, well designed, promoted via social, email and private communities and in the end, well-attended.

Our webinars are also focused on building out campaigns, meaning your webinar comes with a supporting article, email support and post-webinar promotion. Whether you need someone to moderate a panel of guests, offer an alternate opinion or assist in creating webinar curriculum from start to finish, Red Branch Media is up to the job. Webinar packages start at $1000.

Speaking Presentations: Do you want a piece of Red Branch Media at your event?

Book Maren Hogan to speak at your conference, private user meeting or staff training. With a diverse range of topics (with the experience and research to back it up) we’ll craft a presentation that highlights your conference subject. From sourcing hacks and training to marketing tips, performance management and employer branding to scaling recruitment for growth…you name it. So want to round out your program with someone who knows their stuff? Give us a call. Speaking fees start at $1600 and do not include travel and expenses. Click here if you are Maren’s friend and want her to speak for free.