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Have a seat. Your B2B marketing is about to get so much easier.

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Missing link in your plans for World Domination?

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About Us

We are your outsourced marketing department

We create brand experiences via traditional, social and mobile channels

We build campaigns that enchant your customers

Red Branch Media was formed in 2006 as a simple consultancy. Today, the firm is a full-service B2B Marketing Agency that serves clients in the U.K., Africa, China, Israel, Europe and North America. Primarily focused on the Human Resources and Global Workforce vendors, Red Branch Media handles clients of all shapes and sizes.

We know our stuff

How can we help you?

Red Branch Media fills in your marketing, advertising and PR gaps. If you are looking for a cost effective way to enhance your current customer communications in any way, you should call us.

  • PR Strategy and Outsourcing
  • Social/Digital Media Strategy and Implementation
  • Event Coverage, Planning and Promotion
  • Media Planning and Purchasing

Web Development

We work with organizations to create websites, blogs and landing pages that tell their story with engaging copy, compelling visuals and organic search. We can work with your company regardless of marketing automation software, sales CRM or preferred web development platform.

  • Site design, development, and troubleshooting
  • Integration with custom sales support tools
  • Technical training and support (webex and screencast library for 24/7 support)
  • Social and email marketing integrations

Marketing & Content

RBM focuses on multi-channel marketing strategy for small to medium sized businesses, specializing in B2B Marketing in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Management, Finance, Travel and Entertainment, and Technology.

  • Branding and Identity Work
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Go To Market Planning and Implementation (startup friendly!)
  • Email & Social Marketing Services

our specialties


With focus primarily in the HR and Recruiting Technology sector, we stay ahead of this rapidly-changing industry to position our clients in strategic verticals to meet their leads where they are.
Who We Are

Red Branch started as one person who loved working in B2B Marketing. Now, we’re a team of people who spend every day helping our clients connect with the people they sell to.

How Awesome Are We?
Awesomeness 110%

From our content to our social updates, our advertising campaigns to our email templates, from our SEO strategies to our marketing budgets; we INSIST on perfection and focus. This is an organization that takes our work very seriously but still knows how to have fun.

Meet the team
Eric Foutch
Eric Foutch
Digital Media Manager
Marissa Litty
Marissa Litty
Communications Director
Jeremy Hogan
Jeremy Hogan
Web Developer | Systems Integration
Shaley McKeever
Shaley McKeever
Strategic Growth Manager
Kerry Pivovar
Kerry Pivovar
Web Project Manager
Kyle Christensen
Kyle Christensen
Graphic Design Team Lead
Kristine Osbourne
Kristine Osbourne
Graphic Designer
Noelle Murphy
Noelle Murphy
Content Distribution & PR
Kayleigh Hines
Kayleigh Hines
Email & Marketing Automation
Shalaina Ocasio
Shalaina Ocasio
Social Media Operations
Lindsey Stark
Lindsey Stark
Marketing Analyst
Josh Trecartin
Josh Trecartin
Social Media Administrator

our process

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We hate spreadsheets but we’ll make them for you. Our goal is to create a process that can build your marketing process into a well-oiled machine. Our approach to your marketing objectives is NEVER cookie-cutter. Red Branch Media provides solutions, plain and simple.

Hire Us!

Call > Proposal > Work > Results

We can get started today

what we do

Red Branch helps Recruiting and HR Technology companies build meaningful connections with their prospects, regardless of where they are, online or offline:


The world has shrunk. Today, brands can communicate globally and in so many different ways. Want your brand to matter? Call us.

  • Strategy and Identity
  • Editorial Oversight
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Communications
  • Ghostwriting
  • Organic SEO
  • SEM
  • Media and Analyst Relations


Strategy means nothing if you don’t have a team in place to implement it. Tactics are what get the job done. Look to us:

  • Web development
  • Landing page design
  • Sales Reporting
  • Qualifying Leads
  • Social Selling
  • Event promotion and support
  • Daily content creation
  • Social Engagement

What we do

Web Design & Development

Social Media

Content Creation

Marketing Strategy

Website Design & Development

You will not find a more comprehensive solution for your website than Red Branch Media. From the first layout call to the last training video, our team provides support and guidance in an industry that has very specific needs.

Reasons to choose Red Branch Media:

  • Dedicated team for your web project
  • Comprehensive training (yes, we’ll walk you through it!)
  • Media and hosting discounts that make your bottom line cheaper
  • A decade of B2B and Human Capital Management experience

web develop screen3


Sometimes you need to speak with a person. Maybe you’re looking at a brand new geographical market, or perhaps you’re new to the HR and Recruiting Technology space. You might have just made the leap to a brand new company or be part of a startup looking to disrupt the market. If you just need to speak with an expert, call us!

calling screenshot

Need your own team of experts?

Red Branch Media can get you up to speed fast and give you the marketing support you need NOW.
White Logo Branch 300x300

Instant Marketing Team.

Personal. Professional. Fun.

Your company is moving fast, you probably don’t have time to train a whole team of people on what your market looks like, but we can help! Not only can we provide the support you need ASAP, we can help you hire the right team and keep the “balls in the air” until they’re ready to take the wheel.

Ready to fall in love with B2B marketing?

About The Branch

The Story

I get asked about the Red Branch a lot.

So here’s the story:

When I was very pregnant with my third child, I decided that our new living room needed a little more pizazz. We had a large space and zero artwork to cover the bare walls.

So while I drove to pick up my other two children from school, I spotted a branch blown on the side of the road. I immediately pulled over to grab it.

Did you know that branches on the side of the road might be larger than they appeared from your car? Well, it’s true, they are. As I huffed and puffed to get that branch in the back of my car, I’m sure I was a bit of a sight to the other mothers waiting to pick up their own children. But I was “all in” at this point, having lost my place in line, not to mention a bit of my dignity (a woman in her final trimester lugging what looks to be a small tree isn’t pretty).

I finally wedged the branch inside and my poor children had to duck most of the way home to avoid it (beauty is pain!). Then came the real test of my “pitching” ability. Convincing my husband that it made perfect sense to bring the branch in, cut it down to size, and allow me to SPRAY PAINT IT RED.

Which I did. We then hung it up in a corner where it spans two walls, and it remains there today. And while it’s since been surrounded by other pieces of artwork (and jabbed more than one guest in the back of the head if they don’t respect the branch), it is always the first thing people see when they come into my home.

The Red Branch makes an impact. And that’s what I want your brand to do. Whether it’s a tiny implementation project or a large branding and strategy overhaul, I want your message to come through loud and clear and make a difference.

What We Do

When it comes to marketing, we do it all.

Anything that is a daily or tactical duty. Examples include:

  • Email marketing and implementations
  • Social messaging and engagement
  • Web design and development
  • Design assistance (infographics, presentations, print collateral)
  • Media buying
  • Content creation
  • Blog administration
  • White paper pitching and design

Anything that falls under strategic direction. Examples include:

  • Marketing strategy (3, 6 and 12 month plans)
  • Employer Branding strategy
  • Quarterly Reports and Board Documents
  • White paper copy and planning
  • Sales Support Strategies
  • Editorial Oversight and Content Frameworks
  • PR Writing and Pitching
  • Presentation Decks
  • Analyst Relations/Appt. Setting
  • Budgeting
  • Regular meetings
  • Campaign Ideas and Implementation

We have clients who pay us per project when we’re needed and clients who keep us on retainer for years. Whatever your marketing need, know that with Red Branch, you will never pay for time you don’t use.


Know what you need? Then just get that!

We have packages for every size of company:

Just Social

If you need social support for your organization but no one there to handle it, fear not. Red Branch Media is here! Get social support for up to three networks (including social selling, list curation, lead generation, weekly reports and chat and event engagement) for just $1500 per month!

Content Please

Have a great blog but nothing on it? No worries, we have you covered. Put our content creation experts to work on building non-salesy, actionable content that compels your readers. Content packages are priced per post and start at just $1000 per month! (images, links and bylines included)



Sometimes you have great content and no design sense. Who has time to hire a designer that understands the specific needs of B2B marketing AND your market? No matter what you need designed, Red Branch can make it happen post-haste and deliver it back according to your brand guidelines FAST! Design services are priced hourly but monthly packages are available for $1250 per month.

E-Mail is NOT Dead

No it isn’t but WAY too many companies forget what a powerful sales tool email can be. No matter what software you are using to reach your customers and prospects, we can assist. From copywriting to lead tagging; list creation to landing page design, our team of email specialists will work with your other content to make sure that you are using this powerful medium to its fullest advantage. Email packages start at just $2000 per month (all-inclusive)


Content of the Month Club

Yes, you need white papers, infographics, webinar scripts, toolkits, e-books and presentations to lure those elusive clients who want to be informed but with these costing upwards of $5000-$10000 to purchase from industry analysts and experts, it can get pricey. Get better content for less by buying in bulk. Get one piece of sharable, high-quality content per month for distribution for just $3500 per month (copy, design, distribution all included).


Paparazzi Package

From Social advertising to Search Engine Marketing, you need your name OUT there! Media planning, buying, SEO audit and social advertising all rolled into one monthly service. We charge only for our time (no percentage off the top), offer design and copy advice, and we’ll help negotiate the very best rates with media partners we work with all the time. Even Lady Gaga doesn’t get that deal.


I Need All the Things: Sometimes there IS no marketing department and you need help for everything. That’s cool! We love the integrated process and we’re all just sitting here in the office anyway. If you need to outsource a marketing department and have us do all the work, we can do that too. Depending on your needs, full service marketing packages for your entire organization start at $6000 per month. That’s less than you’d pay for just one pro working their tail off!

Special Projects

Day Rates for Conference/Event Support available upon request:

Video or Special Project
Analyst Briefings
Parties (we bring a kazoo)

Custom Projects

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you need to do first. We can help with that. From getting your product aligned with the market need to assisting with competitive intelligence to creating a custom video series, we CAN help. But you have to call us!

The Deal

We take our work very seriously. Seriously enough that we won’t suffer fools. If you’re in the market for effective marketing advice, help, implementation and working with awesome people, you’ve come to the right place. Read no further, just act now!

If, on the other hand, you are here because:

  • you can’t make up your mind
  • you evaluate marketing plans on a monthly basis
  • you keep firing (or losing) marketing help
  • you want cheaper stuff and happen to know that we’re in Omaha
  • you need someone to blame for your dismal sales figures
  • you have a product to market…in your head
  • you are an asshole

If any of the above apply to you, we can still be friends (except the last one, you should probably seek help) but Red Branch Media is not the place for you. We highly value what we do, and we do it better and for far less than most. So we won’t be bossed!

In return for your promising to be nice, you’ll get a dedicated team, loyal within your vertical, who is ready and willing to work as if they were your own employees. In other words: “We’ll never let go Jack…we’ll never let go!”

That’s the Deal.

The Space

The Space

From Basement to Bakery:

How We Branched Out

December 1, 2014 marked our first day in our new office. Located in a reverted bakery building, our office is full of charm, character and characters. We’ve got a RED wall as well as a chalk board wall for projects, planning and miscellaneous doodling! Check out more pictures on our blog here!
_(small) NBI Infographic-02



Have you ever been to Omaha?

Warren Buffet lives here. The Mutual of Omaha show started here and we’ve got finance giants like PayPal in our backyard! But more importantly, Red Branch Media is here, and there is no time zone we can’t reach!

4383 Nicholas St.
Ste 203
Omaha, NE 68104

Call (402) 577 0760

Fax: (get) ser-ious

E-mail: send us a message below


Monday – Thursday: | 8am to 5pm

Friday: | 8am to 3:30pm

Saturday: | closed

Sunday: | closed

*all times are in Central Standard Time

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