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red branch media membership faqs

Q: How do I decide which tier I’m supposed to be in?

A: Each of the service “buckets” have associated deliverables and hourly recommendations depending on your needs. We’ll take you through an assessment process to determine how many hours you need and recommend the right tier. However, ultimately you make the decision.

Q: What if I don’t need everything on that list?

A: Then you’re exactly who we created the tiered membership model FOR. You can reallocate design hours to PR, or social media management to content creation. Your account manager will ensure your needs are met and the team doesn’t get overloaded.

Q: I don’t want to sign a long contract. Why do memberships have them?

A: At Red Branch Media, we don’t want any clients that don’t want us. That’s why, while we do offer a slight discount for a 12-month contract, and do request a 30-day notice before closing an account (since we plan a month in advance), we operate on a month-to-month basis. We want you to be happy with our work and progress
every month.

Q: How can I be sure I’m getting what I’ve paid for?

A: Through our shared board, and our weekly updates ensuring you know where every project is, you can see who is working on what and when! You can even see when revisions are being made or put something on hold to redirect resources. Change priority statuses and comment on everything from blog posts to LinkedIn ads, all from, which is connected to our other visibility and collaboration platforms, Google Suite and UXPin.

Q: I don’t want someone coming and taking over my marketing. How do I retain control?

A: Outsourced marketing can be tricky when things are moving fast and scaling faster. At Red Branch Media, we don’t do anything unless we get your approval. You can always ease up on approval control if and when you want to, but your pod and the RBM model is designed to work in tandem with you.

Q: What if you’re working with someone who competes in my space?

A: The beauty of having four pods to work on projects is that we can have a distinction when competitors want to work with us. We cannot promise we won’t work with your competitors or with a company that competes with part of what you do. However, through NDAs, separate pods, no-talk zones (we simply don’t discuss certain clients among cross-pod members) we have maintained objectivity and fair competition for a decade. We’re always honest about who we’re working with, both with prospects and current clients.

Q: What if I need a specialty service I don’t see on the list?

A: If we can do it, we’ll tell you. If we can’t do it, well, we’ll tell you that too. We have great relationships with PR firms, analyst relations pros, media companies, app developers, event planners… you name it. If something goes beyond our ken, we will hook you up with someone we (and you) can trust to do the best job.

Q: What if I go over my hours? Will there be an additional charge every time?

A: Going over hours by 1 or even 5 hours a couple of months will not change your tier. If we see consistent overages, we’ll discuss how we can move you up a tier, or pull in some hours that are less critical than others. What won’t happen is surprise charges we haven’t discussed… ever.

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