Employer Branding

What is your employee value proposition? We’ll make it come to life.

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employer branding

It can be hard to see something when you’re in the middle of it. To help you see what people outside your company see, Red Branch Media offers Employer Branding agency services as well as strategic employer brand consulting. We’ll audit your current employer branding initiatives, and any associated recruitment marketing campaigns, as well as find out what your competition is doing to attract and retain talent.

We’ll take all this workforce data and compile it, making recommendations to strengthen your employer brand both inside your company, to retain and engage your employees, and outside of your organization, to attract and hire the talent you need to grow your workforce.

A key differentiator between Red Branch Media and other agencies who develop EVPs and create employer branding strategies is that we have the team to implement the recommendations we make, so your talent acquisition team can focus on more strategic goals.