our specialized groups of pros


all about pods

Pods are designed to create a powerful but manageable group of marketing experts who can both guide in strategy and pitch in with tactical work. SMEs who will support internal stakeholders when needed, and step back if you want to work on a task internally. Account managers who hold their pod and your team accountable for deadlines and goals on a regular basis.

The Pod to which you are assigned is based on availability, in-pod expertise, your goals at sign-on, and personality. We try to find the best fit for each client right from the start, but if you’re ever uncomfortable with your pod assignment, don’t hesitate to let us know.

One of our friendly pods (all named after trees BTW) will jump on board and begin the often hard and overwhelming work of creating an audit, building a strategy, and creating a campaign just for you with a team that includes:

Account Manager

Content and Publishing SME

Design and Brand SME

Web and Development SME

Press and Social (Outreach) SME

Digital and Marketing Automation (Growth) SME


the supporting root pod

There’s also a root pod that supports the three main account managing pods consisting of a Reporting and Operations SME, a Design and Brand SME, and a Project Management SME to help with complicated procedures and questions and to support the team working on your account (we all get overwhelmed sometimes in the pursuit of great marketing!) In addition, Andrea Pohlsander, Managing Partner Eric Foutch, and I also support all three pods via the root pod system.

Maren Hogan

Eric Foutch

Andrea Pohlsander

Supporting Lead

Reporting and Operations SME

Design and Brand SME

Project Management SME