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maren's story of the branch

When I was very pregnant with my third child, I decided that our new living room needed a little more pizazz. We had a large space and zero artwork to cover the bare walls.

So, while I drove to pick up my other two children from school, I spotted a branch blown on the side of the road. I immediately pulled over to grab it.

Did you know that branches on the side of the road might be larger than they appeared from your car? Well, it’s true, they are. As I huffed and puffed to get that branch in the back of my car, I’m sure I was a bit of a sight to the other mothers waiting to pick up their own children. But, I was “all in” at this point, having lost my place in line, not to mention a bit of my dignity (a woman in her final trimester lugging what looks to be a small tree isn’t pretty).

I finally wedged the branch inside, and my poor children had to duck most of the way home to avoid it (beauty is pain!). Then came the real test of my “pitching” ability. Convincing my husband that it made perfect sense to bring the branch in, cut it down to size, and allow me to SPRAY PAINT IT RED. Which I did.

are you ready to work with us?

We then hung it up in a corner where it spans two walls, then we hauled it down to the basement to Red Branch Media’s humble first office, and then right back up again when we moved to our first office in the Omar building, and then once more across the hall to our second, BIGGER office just six months later. Today, that old piece of wood sits high over our incredible team as we KILL it when it comes to marketing. People notice it a little less today, because the office has gotten bigger and it rarely pokes anyone in the face.

The Red Branch makes an impact. And, that’s what I want your brand to do. Whether it’s a tiny implementation project or a large branding and strategy overhaul, I want your message to come through loud and clear, and make a difference.