Maren Hogan

a little acorn grew up to be a…

our founder

big nut!

Red Branch Media started with this lady, who looks too young to have been in the HCM space for fifteen years. Alas, it’s true. Maren, classically trained in journalism and creative writing, worked in both finance and non-profits before becoming the business development arm for a family-run recruiting business.

While the business tanked due to the recession, Maren was hooked into the world of work, and the rest is history. After a few high-profile marketing leadership roles in the space, she went out on her own as a social media and content marketing consultant.

Today, Red Branch Media is a 30+ person full-service marketing and advertising agency that covers the entire spectrum of B2B offerings in both services and technology, but Maren has retained her focus in the world of HR and Recruiting Technologies and Best Practices.

Maren is a consistent advocate of next generation marketing techniques and has built successful online communities, deployed brand strategies, and been a thought leader in the global recruitment and talent space. She’s spoken at LinkedIn Talent Connect, ERE, SHRM, TLNT, SourceCon, EbrandCon, SRSC, TNL, RecruitingTrends, TATech, and more.

Read more of her work on the Red Branch Media blog,, Fast Company, LinkedIn,,, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fistful of Talent, The Muse, and BusinessInsider. She has ghostwritten more executive summaries and trend reports than her NDAs will allow her to admit.

Follow her on twitter @marenhogan – she’s funnier there.

Today, Maren works on developing business for Red Branch Media, leading her intrepid team, speaking at events globally, and consulting with select clients.