the road to memberships


how it all works

At Red Branch Media, we’ve been tinkering with the best possible model for our clients for some time. We know that outsourcing all or parts of your marketing function is really difficult, and the standard agency pricing and retainers don’t work for everyone.

Charging by the hour can be problematic, as both agencies and their budget-conscious clients can find themselves nickel and diming one another or suffering from the dreaded “scope creep” which can blow budgets and tempers alike.

Line-item charging (this much per blog post, or this much for an ad campaign) also causes frustration because marketing changes quickly, as do nearly everyone’s marketing needs. In a space where mergers and acquisitions are more common than not, this won’t work either, pigeon-holing clients into services they don’t need while hamstringing marketing pros who don’t have the ability to provide Service A, when the client is only signed on for Service B and C.

So, we decided to create client memberships. Similar to your American Express card, there are simply different levels via which you can take advantage of every service Red Branch Media provides, every month, depending on your needs, budget, and strategy. Pretty cool, huh?


the official membership tiers

There is a great membership option for almost every one. For a set fee per month, our team handles your marketing and works in collaboration with you to delegate hours to the services that will help accomplish your marketing and sales goals. We have membership levels starting at $7,500 for our Bronze Level and going up to $20,000 per month for Platinum.

(If you are a non-profit or unfunded startup, ask about our other memberships.)

Strategy & Operations101215182327
Growth & SEO101215192333
Content & Publishing121415253040
Outreach & PR101215192035
Design & Branding101315202440
Web Development101215202440
Total Hours70-7389-94104-108128-132162-168230
Total Price$7,500$9,000$10,000$12,000$15,000$25,000
Total Ad Hoc Cost$8,400$11,040$12,270$15,600$19,680$27,600
Savings Per Month ($120/hr rate)$900$2,040$2,720$3,600$4,680$2,600
Actual Hourly Rate$107$97$94$92$91$108*

*includes priority service for urgent projects


memberships are facilitated by the following

  • Weekly Calls with Your Account Manager
  • Monthly Reports on Your 90-Day Campaign
    & Audio Transcripts for All Calls
  • A Shared, Always-Updated Board

All these tactics combined allow us to work in transparent collaboration with your internal team, whether you have a marketing department of your own or are a CEO looking to ramp marketing in a smaller company. We have the ability to meet the needs of startups and global companies, along with the marketing needs of nearly everyone in between.

We are a proud Hubspot Platinum Solutions Partner and have also partnered with companies like, Advos, Buffer, Talent Tech Labs, Proposify, SEMRush, and we’re certified in Google and Bing Ads.

questions about pricing, tiers, or how it all works?