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inbound marketing

The Red Branch Media approach to Inbound Marketing has been in place since the company’s inception. Our background in community building creates the foundation for marketing that targets individual users, creates buyer personas to understand their issues and concerns, and then build campaigns for our clients that address those exact pain points.

We’ve built a mix of customer research, website optimization, growth planning, lead funnel creation, and sales support. This unique combination works to nurture leads from awareness of your product all the way to making a decision. By creating content they can use, engaging in conversations that answer questions, and building trust through interactive, educational events, inbound marketing becomes more than the best way for many of our clients, it becomes the only way.

As a Hubspot Platinum Partner Agency, we continue to learn and grow when it comes to inbound marketing, but the initial tenants of attraction, engagement, and education infuse everything we do here at the Branch!