Digital Marketing

PPL, PPC, SEO, SEM, the acronyms that spell success

what we do

digital marketing

Our digital media department has one goal: To use your spend to attract the right clients to your website and product.

While traffic is a goal for nearly every agency pitching their wares, at Red Branch Media we go above and beyond with a focus on bringing qualified leads to specify areas of your website, improving your quality scores, and vetting vendors to create the best digital advertising, industry-focused, pay per click and pay per lead marketing funnel for you.

We know from years of experience that great SEM is more than one quick tune-up, it’s a constantly changing game of media buys, landing page optimization, campaign creation that is affected by everything from what your competitors are bidding to the tactics of different lead providers.

Let us show you how to completely transform your digital marketing strategy. We work with companies like AdRoll, Retargeter, Wordstream, StackAdapt, Outbrain as well as in all social and mainstream search platforms.

Our team is certified in Google Adwords and maintains agency discounts with industry pay per lead services. We pass these discounts along to you and create a flat fee for our services based on your spend month to month. Deliverables include strategy, monthly reporting, agency through media purchases, and more.

Red Branch Media Clutch Award top Digital Marketing Agency Omaha 2023