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15 Marketing Campaigns to Show Your Customers You Care

Advertising is indeed the only way brands can garner more patrons. However, being bombarded with online and print ads today means audiences get pickier with what they choose to scrutinize. Whether you’re aiming to boost brand awareness, increase website visits, or sales, visuals, storytelling, and emotions are vital to hooking audiences. For your marketing visuals, hiring the experts makes your advertisements more impactful. That’s why, on-demand graphic design services like Penji makes it a worthy investment.

If you don’t know where to start with your marketing graphics, here are 15 campaigns that show you’re a brand that cares.

1. Coke (Share a Coke)

Coke’s groundbreaking “Share a Coke” campaign makes it to the top of our list. This juggernaut of a company shows that ingenuity can bond their audiences around the world. This campaign, which started in Australia in 2011, had the company print 150 of the most famous names on Coke bottles. The soda company even offered options to customize a bottle and send it virtually to friends worldwide. The campaign was so good that the U.S. followed Coke Australia’s footsteps.


2. Guinness (Wheelchair Basketball)

Guinness breaks the stereotype in alcoholic brands promoting sex and women in their advertisements. In this particular Guinness ad, they promote sports, camaraderie, and friendship. This video, released in 2013, shows a group of men playing basketball in wheelchairs. At the end of the video, the men stand up save for one still in his wheelchair. The moral lesson? Friendship, sports, and a good time are what it’s all about.

3. Always (Like a Girl)

Always is a brand that sells feminine products. Because they got tired of girls being stereotyped by not being able to do what men can do, they created the #LikeAGirl campaign. It showed visuals of girls doing sports and all other things that men can do. Overall, this campaign empowers its female audience.


4. Gillette (Perfect Isn’t Pretty)

Gillette paid homage to athletes that have to undergo excruciating pain and sacrifices to be Olympic-worthy. The “Perfect Isn’t Pretty” campaign was for the 2019 Rio Olympics. It featured four athletes and their agonizing journey to get them ready for the big match.

5. Gatorade (The Boy Who Learned to Fly)

Gatorade is an energy drink brand that caters to mostly athletes and fitness buffs. One way to gain affinity from your audience is to motivate them. One way to motivate them is by adding emotional marketing and storytelling. And this Gatorade marketing campaign hits the nail on the head. It showed Usain Bolt’s journey from being a young boy to a world-renowned runner. The company claims they chose animation because it reflects Usain’s spirit and color in Jamaica.

6. Airbnb (Let’s Keep Traveling Forward)

Airbnb, a brand in the hospitality industry, did a smart marketing campaign in 2018. It was about a controversial legislation that banned some countries from traveling to America because of religion and political orientation. The short video clip shows that Airbnb offers equal travel opportunities to all travelers worldwide — regardless of religion and politics.

7. Nescafe (Stay Started)

Coffee is an early morning staple for most people. It gives you that kick in the morning before starting the day’s activities. But Nescafe wanted to show their customers that coffee isn’t only an energizing drink. It’s also a conversation starter. And what better way to depict this than to feature RJ Rishi, a Red FM radio jockey. This video shows that Nescafe wants to be part of their audience’s daily conversations — from morning to sundown.

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8. Lysol (Protect Like a Mother)

Disinfectant sprays are sometimes the culprit of adverse effects from their harmful chemicals. And Lysol, having mothers as one of their biggest users, shows they care about their audience’s concerns. The “Protect Like a Mother” campaign ensures how their disinfectant product won’t harm your children.


9. WWF (What on Earth are We Doing to Our Planet?)

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature never does its advertisements halfheartedly. When it comes to bold advertising with visuals that pack a punch, WWF stays on the top of the list. This campaign featured three various images of different animals. The animals cover their eyes in embarrassment as if to show the people why they’re destroying Mother Nature. Then the caption below says, “What on earth are we doing to our planet?”


10. Nike (Believe in Something)

In 2016, Nike released a controversial ad that featured Colin Kaepernick, the football superstar that stood against racial injustice. He refused to stand during the game’s national anthem, which led to a public uproar. However, many lauded him and Nike for this collaboration. A brand with the same advocacies as its audience gains more patrons.


11. Procter & Gamble (The Talk)

Racial discrimination has long been a life-and-death issue for African Americans. And Procter & Gamble wants to raise awareness by encouraging families to talk about it with their children. The video garnered 1.9 billion online impressions!

12. Procter & Gamble (Thank You, Mom)

Procter & Gamble has been satisfying mothers worldwide with their beauty, home care, and feminine products. And as one of the 2012 Olympics sponsors, they impressed mothers worldwide. The video shows mothers are there for their athletes every step of the way. The copy at the end of the video tugs at anyone’s heartstrings as well. It says, “It takes someone strong to make someone strong.”

13. Burger King (Impossible Whopper)

Burger King was thinking of the regular customers and younger customers that had not returned. By swapping their beef patty to a plant-based patty, Burger King invites a whole new vegan or vegetarian audience. The burger was called the “Impossible Whopper.”


14. KFC (FCK)

A fast-food chicken chain that runs out of chicken is downright ironic, not to mention disappointing. This is what happened in 2018 in one of the KFC’s branches in the United Kingdom. Instead of sulking, KFC bounced back with a FCKing creative apology. They displayed this ad featuring a bucket with misspelled letters “FCK” to show they were really sorry.


15. Aegean (Appreciation Discount)

The largest airline company in Greece Aegean celebrated its 20th year in the business early this year. It was simple, yet it showed they genuinely care for those who have been with them in their journey — pandemic or no pandemic. The company sent email newsletters offering subscribers a 50-percent discount on their flights.


By Guest Author: Alan Walker:

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