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20 Career Pros You NEED to Follow On Twitter

Take charge of your career this year by following some of the best career pros on Twitter. Whether you are looking for that dream job or a few ways to revamp your current career, these inspiring pros can help out. Hit follow and be prepared to fill your TL with the most useful career advice and insights you’ll ever see.

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Lindsey Pollak

Pollak is a Millennial workplace expert and author, tweeting about Millennial news, insights, career tips, a.k.a. all the works.

Chris Russell

Chris Russell’s tweets are all about impressing recruiters during the job search process while giving you a glimpse at what it’s like on the other side. This is insight you can’t afford to miss.

Meghan Biro

Biro’s account has everything you’ll need with all things job search related.

Chelsea Krost

A Millennial spokesperson and brand consultant, Krost covers all things workforce. Get ready to challenge your knowledge of Generation Y!

Adam Grant

Grant is a professor and UPenn’s Wharton School and he has insights on the psychology of today’s workers while offering productivity advice.

Hannah Morgan

Named the “Career Sherpa,” Morgan uses her killer content to make your professional life a whole lot easier.

J.T. O’Donnell

O’Donnell, featured on LinkedIn and Inc., posts a lot of awesome career content for any step of your employment journey.

Ashley Stahl

Stahl is a career coach who spreads the career love with fun tweets and inspirational advice.

Lolly Daskal

Also an Inc. writer, Lolly Daskal keeps her Twitter interesting with loads of rad quotes about leadership and advice.

Susan Joyce

Susan does a great job of sharing everything you need to know about finding your dream job.

Dorie Clark

Looking to stand out during the job application process? Clark’s Twitter has the details!

Dan Schawbel

Another bestselling author, Schawbel gives insights on everything from personal branding to recruiting and the workforce.

Miriam Salpeter

You can be at any stage of the job search process and Miriam’s content would be completely relevant!

Heather Huhman

Gen Y expert, Huhman shares her insights on the changing workforce and how it affects the future of job searching.

Ryan Rhoten

Looking for advice on personal branding? Rhoten can help you stand out.

Lisa Rangel


A LinkedIn expert and professional resume writer, Lisa Rangel has all of the basics down. She can make you look good to any hiring team you will face.

Anita Bruzzese

Bruzzese tweets out career advice, sprinkled with humor to keep your TL exciting.

Cali Yost

Cali heads WorkLifeFit.com and her tweets center around work-life balance and finding career success.

Alexandra Levit

Levit is all about helping people find meaningful jobs, tweeting advice on everything from career to stress reduction.

Phyllis Mufson

Looking to take charge of your career? Mufson is an expert. Tweets range from work-life balance advice to job search tips.

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