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What this Marketing Team is Thankful for in 2017

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! That means this marketing team will be out of the office for the next two days to celebrate our favorite traditions. For many of us, that includes seeing family, eating too much, watching parades and football, decorating for the holidays and shopping. The greatest part of the season, however, is taking time to really consider what we’re thankful for most. Each year, the Branchers reflect on our careers and what the previous year has done for our growth and skills. Then we share it with you, our readers and clients. The people who help make it all possible.

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So to start this all off, the Red Branch team wants to say thank you to our partners, friends, mentors and contributors for all the opportunities you provide us. We love learning from and growing with you!

We’re Thankful For…

“I’m thankful to work in a company that combines my love for marketing, content, technology and design with my interest in leadership and understanding how people work. Every day I feel like I learn something new about my craft and all while helping organizations connect better with their employees and customers. It’s rewarding, challenging and so fun!”

-Marissa Litty  (@MarissaLitty)

“I’m so thankful for all the growth that Red Branch has experienced this last year and also all of the opportunities that we are given. This organization has made huge strides every year since we have started and I am grateful that I have been able to be part of this amazing journey.”

-Eric Foutch (@erockfoutch)

“I’m very thankful to work at a company that challenges and pushes my creative skills to new heights to produce amazing projects for our clients. Red Branch Media values my work and ideas, my passion for design and provides opportunities to grow in my field. The most rewarding part of being a brancher is seeing my work in the real world and hearing positive reviews from happy clients after I’ve created something for them.”

-Kyle Christensen (@KyleJCDesign)

“I am thankful for a company that feels like family. We genuinely care about each other as people, not just coworkers. It is a special place to grow, learn and succeed.”

-Kerry Pivovar (@kerrypivovar)

“I’m thankful for the benefits we have this year. I went from working as an intern in Maren and Jeremy’s basement to being a salaried employee with two work from home days, tons of paid vacation, health insurance, conference stipends, flex scheduling and a wonderful work environment that makes it easy to come to work every day. The growth I’ve had over the last four years is amazing to look back on, and I’m blessed to work with a team of people I just flat out love like family! I couldn’t ask for a better workplace and team!”

-Shaley McKeever (@Miss_Shaley)

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“I’m thankful to work in a position where I’m able to combine my passion for art and writing. When I first started here, I hadn’t expected those passions to translate into email marketing. However, at Red Branch Media I was given the opportunity to be creative and take projects into my own hands. I’m grateful that I can create something beautiful from start to finish: writing copy, choosing a design, creating, and executing the send. That’s something I can truly be proud of.”

-Kendra Tallman (@kendra_rbm)

“I am thankful for the opportunity of growth I have been able to experience both as an employee and as someone who has a true passion for marketing. The skills and benefits I have acquired over the past year have helped me fall even more in love with this industry and this company.”

-Stevie Howard (@Stevie_RBM)

“I’m thankful to work for a company who values me as a growing professional and to have leaders who believe in my ability to build and execute projects and campaigns from start to finish. Yes, we receive frequent praise, constructive feedback, and excellent benefits from our leaders, but nothing expresses the trust and value Maren and Jeremy have in us like the development we’ve accumulated over the years of being at Red Branch. I started here as a writing intern in 2014 and moving into 2018, I have the flexibility to manage my own clients who value our service as an agency. Having leaders who build you and trust you, creates confident and loyal employees. Also, we rock sweaters, leggings and moccs most days. #workplacegoals.”

-Noelle Murphy (@NoelleBellLynne)

“I’m thankful for the challenges I’ve had the privilege of enduring while working at Red Branch. Not only have they enhanced my skills, but they make me an increasingly dynamic person. Working with a supportive and cohesive team has made a meaningful impact on the experience I’ve had here. I’m grateful to work in such an influential culture while gaining valuable knowledge.”

-Kaleb Vik (@kalebvik)

I am thankful to be a part of a company that continues to move forward year after year under leadership who truly cares about their employees and what we need as a team as well as individuals. I honestly enjoy coming to work every day and being part of a team full of intelligent and methodical individuals who constantly push each other to be better.”

-Shalaina Ocasio (@ShalainaRBM)

“I am thankful for the opportunity to learn as much as I have at Red Branch. I am also thankful to work with a fun group of individuals that I have genuinely gotten to know over time. We are all pretty rad in our own way, and I think of us all as a pretty tight-knit work crew.”  

-Erin O’Gara (@Erin_RBM)

“I am thankful for a company that is very flexible and supportive. They took a chance on me as an intern even though I could only work a small amount of time while in school. I learned so much more than I thought possible about design working here. I get to do something that I love every day with great coworkers who help and encourage me.”

-Laura Beck (@laura12_rbm)

“I am thankful to our amazing bosses for giving me the opportunity to work for their branch while still being in school. The amount of skills and knowledge I’ve learned here has helped me through my schooling and given me the insight I sought from an internship. Our culture is probably one of my favorite things about RBM, I feel so grateful for my co-workers and the creative environment we get to work in!”

-Molly Spelts (@Molly_RBM)

“I am thankful to be working with a company that supports employee growth in and outside of work. Maren and Jeremy have been so welcoming and flexible with my work schedule, that I’ve had no difficulty in pursuing my dream of playing music. Although I have only been working at RBM for several months, I already feel like I am a part of the team. As a true newbie to my work, I couldn’t have found a better place to grow into myself.”

-Bach Mai (@RedBachMedia)

“I am thankful for a company that allows me to stretch my creative wings and soar. From videos to posters to web design, Red Branch Media pushes my creative limits. I’m never bored and I always feel challenged. I love a company that makes me grow. Plus, wine on Friday is always something to be thankful for.”

-Kristine Osbourne (@4KRISTineSake)

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