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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Recruiting Solutions You Need in Your Arsenal

By: Stevie Howard

No matter how big your company is, many are still seeming to struggle with the idea of getting good talent fast and cheap (or, as cheap as you can). The big issue? Not understanding what recruiting solutions they really need. The truth is, you don’t always need to more elaborate software package to make it work. Instead, focus on what you company needs, has the most access to and the goals you are trying to achieve. Noting these things is the first step towards success. Next, is looking over different systems, models, and solutions to find what fits the best.

Don’t start the recruiting process with a blind eye. Check out these resources and guides to see what you should be doing and looking for to find the best fit for your company and the talent you need.

playing chessIQTalent Partners: Why Use a Leveraged Model in A Competitive Hiring Market

Hiring talent in some regions of the country is not only difficult but expensive, too. See how incorporating a leveraged recruitment model can help you find the best talent while also saving you money…


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employees in a meetingClearCompany: Talent Management System Buyer’s Guide

Your ability to find, recruit, train and manage A-Players is what drives the performance of your organization. If you have a good talent management system and process, you can feel confident that you will have a profitable company. Find the right software for your needs…


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employees on their laptops sitting at a tableWCN: Campus Recruiting Solution

The variety of moving parts throughout your organization’s campus recruiting strategy can be one of the most difficult to manage. From engagement to interviews to offers to onboarding, campus recruiting presents an assortment of challenges for any team. Here’s how to make it easier…


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