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5 Tools Everyone in B2B Marketing Should Be Using

small__4599433039When you’re first starting out in the big bad world of B2B marketing, there’s no reason to run and buy fancy suites and expensive tech tools to get that lead generation train rolling. These simple, free and easy-to-use tools are perfect for anyone in B2B marketing. Here at Red Branch Media, we have or do use each of these tools and we think you should too!

Click to Tweet

We just started using it and we’re click to tweeting everything that will stand still. It’s really as simple as going to clicktotweet.com and following the ultra easy instructions. This tool allows you to create links within content that when clicked on, formulate a tweet ready to send out on behalf of the reader.

Check out how we used it in this post to make it easier for our readers to share helpful stats. Click hereto see how it works! This tool is a fun and simple way to encourage social engagement and to facilitate social shares on the content you work so hard to create.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

This is our go-to tool when inspiration for a content topic or idea is lulling. The page will simply ask you to enter a few nouns and the generator will then present you with dynamic, eye-catching titles to work with. Whatever field you’re writing in, the generator will help inspire you. Furthermore, you don’t have to do all the internet surfing that coming up with a topic entails. For more on this tool, check out this RMB post.

I use this tool for my everyday content inspiration, and our social guy, Eric Foutch (@ErockFoutch) uses it to create unique social posts.

Sprout Social

If you’re not into setting Google alerts for social posts every 30 minutes, you need Sprout Social. This tool allows a person or a team to schedule social posts on a variety of social networks. It allows you tomonitor incoming messages and schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.  It also features integration with Google Analytics.

Our favorite part about this tool is a tiny little leaf you can install on your tool bar. When you’re on a page and would like to share it socially, you simply click the little leaf and the post is sent to the que to go out. Really couldn’t get easier.

Do you follow our CEO Maren Hogan (@MarenHogan)? Half the time her phone is missing or at the bottom of an ocean (no, really), but you’d never know it. Her social is a constant flow of news, tips and inspiration because she keeps her social queues full 24/7.

For more help, we like to use tools like this KissMetrics infographic to gauge when the best time to post socially are. If someone has already figured the science of something out for you, why not use it?!

Marketo’s B2B Marketing Cheat Sheets

If you like this, or our “10 Quicks B2B Marketing Tips” you will love Marketo’s Cheat Sheets. They fast, informative and actionable. These posts cover everything you might have questions about in marketing automation, lead scoring, lead nurturing and much more.

Keep in mind, their target audience is marketing professionals, so some of this material might be over the beginner’s head. Just click on a title that speaks to your needs and give it a shot. For instance, “17 Email Rules You Absolutely Have to Break” is a simple way to get pro marketing minded.

Google Analytics

Find out how your website is actually doing! That’s important right? Google Analytics gives you a behind the scenes look at every interaction, page and visitor you get. You can gain insights like the best day and time to post articles, where your traffic is coming from and much more. There’s a catch, you have to set it up. Have no fear, it’s a super easy process that yields a ton of helpful information and data…or analytics.

The idea for this post actually came from Hubspot’s blog topic generator. Each of these tools can work with each other to optimize results for your business. The B2B market has been said to be a tough nut to crack, these tools make it more like a pistachio. Enjoy!

Do you use a tool that didn’t make the list? Let us know by tweeting us, and we talk shop!

photo credit: Craig Walkowicz via photopin cc