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6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Workweek (Aug. 17)

Oh man, it’s time for #6things again to get your workweek started! Without further ado, here are the latest and greatest things happening in the world of…me?

Time’s Up!

Well, the startup pavilion for HRTech has officially been sold out. Did you get one of the last tables? I know lots of Red Branch friends who will be participating. Mary Ellen Slater and her pro marketing team put out this great guide to trade shows. Grab it! (Reputation Capital Media)

I want Cand-E!

Are you going to be in Fort Worth October 2? If so, make a beeline for the Candidate Experience Awards. It’s a great way to learn what best in class companies are doing to up their talent attraction game! Snag a ticket here: (Eventbrite)

Transform How You Work

A big announcement is coming soon but in the meantime, check our Red Branch Media client Vitru. We used their free tool to analyze the personality traits of everyone on our team to give new life to our performance reviews. Our results were surprising and helped us create a plan for an employee moving out of state, and design our new PM system! (Vitru)

Um, your AC is NOT a diversity tool

So I read a post about how you can recruit more women by turning down your A/C. I think it’s needless to say that this is a flawed and slightly insulting premise. There are lots of legitimate ways to recruit and source a more diverse pool of candidates. And if you’re too cold (male or female) in the meantime, check out these tips from NASA to fix it. (LinkedIn)

Don’t be dissin Netflix

Everyone is in a flutter over Netflix’s maternity leave announcement. But it’s kinda not fair because it doesn’t apply to hourly workers AKA the people who likely need it most. Is this a step in the right direction or another example of class warfare? No really, I am asking. (ThinkProgress)

I think I’m gonna hire him…

So maybe there’s more to the story but it seems like Facebook missed the boat on this one. (Business Insider)