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#6Things: HR Love, Algorithms and $402M

Europe always does things way faster than us

Via Bill Boorman (@BillBoorman), CNN Tech reports that European employers MUST tell employees before checking out their social profiles.

The rules require employers to issue a disclaimer before they check applicants’ online accounts, including Facebook (FB, Tech30), Instagram, Snapchat (SNAP), Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) and LinkedIn.

If applicants don’t see the warning, the company could be in breach of European Union data protection rules.

So….what does this do to social recruiting? Recruitment Marketing? Even employee referral?

Something like 70% of recruiters use social media to recruit. (CNN Tech)

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Today in mansplaining

This guy. So this tech recruiter is like a legend but I think it’s because he’s been around for so long he has the most antiquated ideas ever. Don’t wanna work 80 hours a week? You’re an entitled brat. Are you on the autism scale? Defined as introverted with no social skills and “typically marry the first girl they date”. Then you’re the perfect hire. Are you a female engineer? You get one slide in his presentation. Ugh. Check it. (Vox)

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Conference Calls are the worst and everybody knows it

The more people that are on a call, the worse that call is. Just like the more people on a website redesign the worse it is. Amybeth Quinn (AKA TheResearchGoddess, she will forever be this to me) shared this on Facebook and it’s too good not to share. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, phone calls are 27.35.

conference call bingo

When he’s thinking (which is always) he’s thinking deep

John Sumser (@JohnSumseris known for his far reaching gaze. Much like the eye of Sauron, but not evil, he’s got a POV that sees things many others do not. Mostly because he’s less concerned with short-term growth and more concerned with long-term industry changing trends. Maybe that’s why in a sea of 1000000000000 posts about Google Jobs, he posted about how net neutrality might affect recruitment (see EU post above)– (Facebook)

We keep seeing the bubble get bigger and bigger and bigger….

If everyone is investing in this space, how come I’m not rich yet? George Larocque (@glarocque) tracks exactly how much $$$$$ is going into the space and it’s … a lot. He’s tracked 35 deals and a total of $402 million in VC cheddar. If you’re interested in knowing more, he has a handy podcast with the CEO of Yello (@Yello), who got $31mil this past month. (Larocque)

Imma take my ball back now

LinkedIn is hitting back, as Will Thompson (@WillRecruits) notes in this ERE (@ERE_net) article:

“Yes, the friendly site where you thought you were “building your network” is really not friendly at all. This, after all, is THEIR site and they have all of the rights to the information on the site. Yuck huh? As quickly as you “build your network,” they can “take away your network.”

Basically, get rid of chrome extensions (scrapers), start diversifying your presence on social media, and get YO INFO! (ERE)

Bonus Links:

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If you are nice to your employees and don’t eff them over, they will be happier. NEWSFLASH!

Whatever man — when were you last a recruiter (or a candidate) anyway?