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#6things: RyanAir, Radical Candor and Box Braids

He’s a Brainiac, Brainiac

Kyle Lagunas (@KyleLagunas) has been pumping out some of the most comprehensive Talent Acquisition info out there, and I’ve been taking notes (amongst way better and more well-known luminaries). Dude isn’t just good-looking, Lagunas, now an IDC powerhouse is oh-ffish smart! His latest piece, The (deep breath) IDC MarketScape of Modern Talent Acquisition Systems or IDCMOMTAS for short, shares some key insights he’s published on LinkedIn Pulse (even if he’s not allowed to give away the whole report for free) including:

HCM and talent management suite vendors are making significant investments in recruiting capabilities, but standalone vendors remain a step ahead in a few key areas: candidate relationship management, collaborative hiring, talent pipelining, and source channel optimization.

Get on the Lagunas train before it’s too late. (LI Pulse)

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Can I Touch Your Hair?

OH THE IRONY of BANANA REPUBLIC dismissing a black woman because her box braids are “too urban”. As the article states, ‘true to its colonialist name’, the store dismissed the girl. As if the hundreds of people asking if they could touch her hair while they peruse overpriced khakis weren’t punishment enough, Mike McWeenie has to tell her “braids are not Banana Republic appropriate”. I jest. This is bullshit. Don’t be this HR person. Don’t let your managers be this manager. (Blavity)

So This One Time at HR Nerd Camp

I mean LinkedIn Talent Connect… Anyway, I had a great conversation with Glen Cathey (@GlenCathey), who rising star Allison Kruse (@AllisonAKruse) (if you don’t know her, KNOW HER) ALWAYS refers to as an incredible manager. I needed some help with a work issue I was struggling through and besides giving me AHMAZING advice, he also sent me this link, which has since become my BOSS BIBLE. Read it. (FirstRound)

So I Have a Blog Crush

I love love love how George Larocque (@glarocque) always just gives the most succinct, need to know info around the latest funding announcements. They’re awesome and make me feel in the know and all just because I am his Facebook friend. Not so lucky? You can still feel superior and fancy like me if you sub to his blog or FB page. I swear, it WILL make your life better (although if you’re his Facebook friend you get to see his super cute youngest bust moves in ice cream shops, which is also cool). Until then, grab this Q3 update, not sure what George thinks, I think we’re headed for another little burst any old time. (HRwins)

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Sometimes Big Companies get a Bad Rap

But what Infor (former client and employer of one of my favorite people Trish McFarlane (@TrishMcFarlane) is doing with recruiting military veterans is pretty effing rad. If you don’t know how veterans can help your company succeed or are having trouble getting your execs to say YES to that veteran recruiting initiative…watch this! (Infor)


I am married to a great man. I have three incredible sons. I was raised by two incredible men, mentored by many more, and have so many father figures in my life, I am ridiculously blessed. Not to mention my friends, clients, colleagues and employees who just happen to be men. BUT THIS? Is true:

A man will say ‘I know 30% and I can bullshit the rest’, a woman will say ‘I know 99.9% – that’s not enough’

In this article 5 Ways You Can Change the Ratio by Cindy Gallop (@cindygallop), she gives you hard and fast (read: practical) things you can do in order to get diversity (specifically the female to male ratio) out of the danger zone. Really, read it. It’s good and true. And if you’re rolling your eyes, please read this NYTimes profile on Harvey Weinstein. (Campaign)

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