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#6Things: Stacy Goes Big, Drug Screen Innovation and Overtime Shifts

Getting Paid for Overtime? That’s so overrated

Republicans are hoping that once they gutted healthcare and allowed churches to become their own little SuperPACS, you’ll ignore this little ditty.

The measure, backed by Republicans, would let employers offer workers paid time off instead of time-and-a-half pay the next time they put in extra hours. The vote tally was largely along party lines, with no Democrats voting in favor of the bill. Six Republicans also voted against it.

G.O.P. leadership has touted the legislation, called the Working Families Flexibility Act, as an attempt to codify flexibility for employees. They say it would be illegal for an employer to coerce an employee into accepting comp time in lieu of overtime pay.

Democrats stand in strong opposition. Their chief concern is that employers have the final say on when that time can be used, which means bosses can defer compensating employees for overtime work.

Well, if our government wants it, it must be good for the American people. HR Pros, gird your loins…(CNNMoney)

Every Recruiting Startup EVAR

Well, maybe not ever, but there are quite a few folks who rode in on their white horse to save the damsel in distress that is recruiting, only to find, the issues are hard to solve, mostly because humans=chaos. (xkcd.com)

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What the World Needs Now…

Is a better drug and background screening tool with SMS notifications? According to a convo between Tim Sackett, Jonathan Duarte and Mary Faulkner it does! If you’re in the Talent Product Plays group weigh in! It’s not a bad idea actually…(FB)

She’s with the band

Robin Schooling gives us the business about the name Talent Advisor. Is it true? Is it relevant? Does anyone know what the hell we’re talking about? NO! (RobinSchooling.com)

Some lucky ATSes out there 🙂

RecruitingDaily released findings of the best, fastest growing, best retention…all sorts of neato metrics about innovation in recruiting so everyone gets to be first place. While interesting, the comments section is FIRE. Read it. (RecruitingDaily)

Stacy Goes BIG

Stacy Zapar launched The Talent Agency this week and has been signing big clients ever since. The effervescent speaker, trainer and owner of Tenfold Strategies is poised to use her massive network to create a “cream of the crop” recruiting agency. If her accolades in Week 1 are any indication, she’ll blow everyone away as she rises. Get it, Stacy! (The Talent Agency)


Top 50 Sites in the WORLD

Always be selling…says, recruiters?