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[Announcement] Two Become One: A Merger

You know that exciting news I’ve been hinting at for a month or so? This is it…

Ever since Red Branch Media came into existence in 2006 as a home for side gigs, I’ve had a healthy respect for website development. When I started building Red Branch Media into a larger consultancy in 2011, I realized early on the need for great web design and development…but couldn’t afford it. So, I invited my wonderful husband to quit his job and learn because I knew that solid web design is NOTHING without web development.

Thus, our little “web department” was born. In time, we added another web developer, a design department, and a slew of copywriters and SEO specialists. We built up marketing automation, an email department, social media matured into a powerhouse and we made site after site for folks in our industry. Gradually, our web department, still with me as the napkin-drawing, pixel-picky, control-freaky creative director of the process, turned into a large chunk of our business. When our web project income began to compete with our retained services business (or agency model), we realized, it was time for help.

Enter Cam Vacek and her team at hayWire.

Built from the ground up (just like us!) to serve a market she knew wasn’t being served very well. In a forest of templated sites and pixelated imagery, hayWire’s ethos was to build custom-from-scratch websites created to market things. Never before had I run into someone who so perfectly captured my approach to web design and development as a conduit for marketing and clients. Of course, we started working together! It certainly didn’t hurt that she lives in Omaha and her love for Thai food rivals my own.

As our partnership grew, we realized there were more similarities than initially what met the eye. Our client bases all wanted affordable, well-made custom websites that would stand the test of time, service with wine, er a smile, and incredible copy. They also both wanted marketing strategy that would top that of their competitors, organic and paid search assistance, digital and social advertising help and managed marketing services that provide accountability and reporting.

The path was clear. It was time, in the words of the inimitable Spice Girls, that “Two Become One”.


What does this mean for you?

It means in addition to the great service you’ve come to expect from Red Branch Media, we’ll have even more developers, designers, project managers and copywriters to assist with your urgent projects. That cost calculator we had to outsource? We won’t have to anymore. That multi-site project you needed done yesterday? We have the (wo)manpower for that now. And the service-oriented team you need from start to finish, whether you’re in B2B marketing or focused on the traditional consumer? We have the team for that too!

For hayWire clients, the service YOU’VE come to expect won’t change at all.

There will simply be more people to help accomplish your marketing vision, both pre- and post-website. Sure, your invoices will come from Red Branch Media but the people working behind the scenes are united in their commitment to your site, project, campaign, and account.

It’s been so much fun merging companies, we’re welcoming you to join us! If you want to leverage this dynamic duality, this unification of universal standards, this pairing of perfection, please visit us at hay-wire.com or redbranchmedia.com to learn more about how we can bring your company the digital presence and marketing leads it deserves.