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Hey there all your cool cats and kittens! This year, the Branch has worked so hard to stay alive and market to our heart’s content and it’s finally, FINALLY at the end! We’ve compiled some pretty killer gifts that we’d love to get from Santa…or whoever.

Check out our Ultimate Brancher Gift Guide for ideas on what to get for the special person in YOUR life!


CEO, buys things she’ll never use, crafty, messy, and a bit of a mess, this Brancher loves to plan for the future…hence the cashmere travel wrap. Select from this list if you have someone in your life that’s a little hard to buy for. And you have $$$.


A friendly, fun homebody, this Brancher loves making things beautiful and delicious. Select from this list if you want to snag a gift that will make them THRILLED on Christmas day, especially if they spend their time making everyone else happy all year long!


Creating opportunities is what it’s all about for this Brancher. Quality (leads) above quantity, that’s her motto. Select from this list if you have someone in your life who wants the very best…and who deserves it!


A gentlemen’s gentleman, this Brancher wants ease, convenience and everything “just so”. Choose from these hot gifts for the guy or gal who makes everything run SMOOTHLY. Give them some respite from being the one everyone relies on!


Happy, sunny and fun is the name of the game for this Brancher, even in this our winter of discontent. Choose from this list of a few of Hannah’s favorite things, specially designed to brighten your favorite optimist’s day, just like they brighten yours!


Dependable, reliable and a smile for everyone, even behind the mask, this Brancher has simple needs but fancy wants. Select from this list to grab a gift sure to make your favorite work bestie has what he or she wants heading into 2021, because they’ll always have your back!


Fun, functional and all about the speed, this Brancher has very specific requirements. Keeping the person who makes all the gears turn in your life is simple with this list that blends joy with high-tech FUN. Select from high-dollar and low-cost options with this Brancher X-mas list!