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#ClientKudos: The Latest AI Recruitment Chatbot is Here, Karen

Have you met Karen? Karen by Karen.ai is the latest trained IBM Watson model recruitment chatbot to hit the market. Karen is a chatbot that not only assists recruiters, but also chats with candidates via simple text function to collect data on job interests and skills. Through this data collecting and learning, Karen ranks candidates for recruiters and redirects candidates to job opportunities better suiting their skills based on previous chat conversations and resume analysis.

Karen’s creator, Noel Webb said, Karen derives concepts and personality traits from candidates’ resumes and cover letters and assesses the level of engagement and gains deeper insights through a simple text chat conversation. This conversation improves the candidate’s experience of the recruitment process and represents the company’s brand,” said founder Noel Webb.

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More details on Karen:

For candidates, Karen will:

  • Talk them through the application process to ensure their qualifications match the job description (43% of candidates said employers never get back to them about an application).
  • Review and pre-screen resumes so their qualifications don’t get overlooked. (Recruiters spend approx. 6 seconds reviewing resumes).
  • Offer new job opportunities if an application submission falls flat.

For recruiters, Karen will:

  • Review and suggest top candidates (allowing recruiters 90% less time reviewing resumes).
  • Derive concepts and personality traits from resumes/cover letters and offer new positions based on data Karen has collected.
  • Take insights learned from resumes and ask candidates questions via chat to assess their level of engagement.
  • Notify applicants when a recruiter has closed a job opportunity.

For even further detail, visit Karen’s website: http://karen.ai/

To learn more about Karen and the Karen.ai launch, read the full release on PRWeb.

Follow Karen on the road to advancement through AI tech, Karen’s Twitter @cognitivehr and LinkedIn here.