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Creating a Company Culture Your Employees Can Get Behind

Be on the lookout for an influx of fun Instagrams and posts from the Red Branch team next Friday. If you follow us on any of our social channels, you’ve probably already caught on to the fact that our work hard attitude comes with a side of play hard skill. It’s all part of our company culture. It’s not for everyone, but those who are most successful at Red Branch appreciate it. So what’s happening next Friday? Well, I don’t want to give it away, but I will say that creating a company culture like the one we have here is dependent on letting loose after a few months of steadfast work. And our team is pretty dang excited.

Creating a company culture that attracts reliable employees who fit the environment is a crucial challenge, whether you’re a manager within an enterprise company or the owner of a small business. Especially as more and more research builds the connection between company culture and organizational performance. One six year study of 95 auto dealerships found that the employers who received good grades for culture from workers had higher profits in later years.

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Because we know how difficult it can be to start, manage or refresh an organization’s culture, we pulled together some of the best guides and resources on the subject. This list includes insights from our expert partners at ClearCompany, Universum, CyberGrants and more. Each have their own take on the subject, which means you can tailor this advice to your own unique approach.

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company culture guide for employee buy in5 Step Guide to Getting Employee Buy-In for Your Company Culture

Your culture is essential to your identity. Getting employees on board with every new idea isn’t always easy. It requires planning, structure and organization. Read these simple, easy-to-implement steps that will give you tangible directions for including employees in the process of cultivating your company culture.


Culture and Values, Not Salary, Drive Your Employer Brand

What factors cause an employee to recommend their employer to a job-seeker? More often we’re beginning to find that salary, while still very important to employees, is not one of them. In fact, only 34% of employees quit because they were unsatisfied with their compensation. See what’s actually driving culture and employer brand:


Genius Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

How exactly do you go about keeping your team motivated? It can be pretty difficult at any point of the year, but especially when summer hits or mid-year reviews are scheduled. These key tips ensure your team is always working hard, even if the office is empty or there are no upcoming company outings planned. Read them here!


Company Values: Integrating Them into Your Culture

Corporate values, mission, and vision are crucial to every organization and its culture. To attract, motivate and retain top talent, company’s must incorporate company values into everyday work culture. If you are revamping your company’s core values, check out these ways to get started.

How to Turn the Negative Employer Review Ship Around

The internet has brought about some amazing opportunities for businesses. On the product and service side, there are a million ways to make your offering more robust, as well as a million ways to be in constant contact with your user. Sometimes that connectivity is a dream, and sometimes, it’s a nightmare. Here’s how to handle those nightmare situations:

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