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Design 101: Record Screencasts with QuickTime for Free

Working in almost any industry, you might find yourself needing to record a screencast of your computer. Whether you need to record a tutorial or show off your software for marketing, you’ll have to use software to do so. What if you’re in a time crunch and don’t have the money to purchase any screencast software? There are two easy and free options whether you’re on a Mac or PC.


For Mac Users

For Mac users, the easiest option to create a screencast with audio is to use QuickTime. To record a screencast, open up QuickTime. From here, you can go to the top menu bar and click “File” and from the dropdown menu select “New Screen Recording.” If you would like to see your mouse clicks in your screencast, click on the arrow that’s pointing down next to the red record button and select “Show Mouse Clicks in Recording” from the Options section. Finally, click on the red record button and QuickTime will give you a “+” cursor to draw your own custom area of your screen in which you would like your screencast to record when you click and drag the mouse.

After you set your screen recording area, hit “Start Recording” and all audio, mouse clicks and everything in your screen recording area will be recorded. When you’re finished, click and hold down the QuickTime icon from your dashboard and select “Stop Screen Recording” from the pop-up menu. Your screencast is now complete!


For PC Users

Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t have any pre-installed screencast software but the good news is that there are plenty of free options. I’ve found three great free alternatives for PC users that can be used to record screencasts.

The first two software options I’d recommend downloading to make screencasts with audio is either CamStudio with tutorial instructions here, or Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), a popular screencast software used by video gamers. Here’s the tutorial for OBS if you’re downloading this software. The last software I’d recommend is using VLC, which is a familiar software application to most PC users. The only downside is that VLC doesn’t record audio with your screencast so if you’d like to add audio to your VLC recording, here’s how to add it in manually.


Screencast Your Android or iOS Devices

Something completely new to me was that you could create screencasts on your Android or iOS devices. Here are two free options for mobile screencasting. For iOS users, here’s a great tutorial page for instructions on setting up your mobile screencast. For Android users, here’s another great tutorial page from How-To Geek on creating and setting up your mobile screencast. These mobile screencasts are a great way to show a company’s mobile application. To bump up your video even more, check out this free website that will place your video into a moving device mockup that includes moving hand gestures!

There are plenty of free options to make screencasts. If you have a mobile application for your company, create a mobile screencast and try out placeit.net to display it! Any of these options provided are easy to use and if they seem complicated, follow the tutorials. Now go out there and create some awesome screencasts!