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Your 5 Excuses to Finally Hiring a Marketing Agency

By Mitchell Tillwick:

Your company’s marketing is struggling, and while you’re trying to keep the ships running on time, you’re also drowning in day-to-day marketing needs and assistance. It’s tough enough to ensure your regular responsibilities are complete, let alone all the other marketing duties that keep coming in. You don’t have the extra hands you need to pull off a well-crafted, full-on marketing campaign without sacrificing a key piece of your functional operations. What’s the answer? You need someone to do your marketing for you.

“It costs money.”

We get it. Yeah, it does. So does the salary of your team.

“My team can do it themselves.”

Yeah, maybe. Something must be put on hold, though.

“We just need to get to X and complete Y; then our traffic will boom.”

Maybe, but do you have historical metrics to prove that prediction?

As a general axiom, there are more reasons why not to do something than to do it. Don’t find an excuse for something you need. The truth is, it’ll pay off. You need to find the right agency with the right services to serve you in the right way. Here are five reasons why you should hire a marketing agency.

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Width and Depth of Knowledge

When you sign-on a marketing agency, you get all the experience, the resources/tools, and all the services for your marketing campaign. You’ll get the width of graphic designers, content writers, digital advertisers, web developers, etc. Among that, you’ll get their expertise (which takes years to build) as soon as you sign on. Instead of creating rushed content which looks sub-par, you get high-quality work bringing in more traffic and getting more shares. The experience in multiple marketing channels is given to you all at once producing better results you couldn’t create otherwise.

Time Spent Elsewhere

When you hand over your marketing responsibilities, you unload the burden of everything that comes with it—stress, time, confusion, tracking, etc. All you have to do is help create a plan with the marketing team, give direction, and check in on the performance. Instead of focusing all your time to show others you exist, you can reallocate your time to running the company (something you can’t outsource).

One example that takes up a substantial amount of time is content—blog posts, pillar pages, whitepapers, web copy, placed articles, etc. Experienced content writers produce high-quality work in little time. Among other things, this high-quality content helps your ranking for SEO (although you should still have someone separately focused for SEO, which an agency can provide as well). Consider the actual amount of time you’ll be given back to focus on what you need to do.

Access to Resources and Multiple Platforms

In-house marketing has a lot of costs for resources and platforms. Marketing agencies use the same resources for all their clients. The costs are spread across all their clients for them to use. That email platform no longer costs $200/month for you. It’s now $20/month, and you share it with ten other clients. Paying for a “Business Plan”? You’ll be put under an “Agency Plan” as a client which will cost you less per month. Most clients think they’re charged more, but they’re saving costs for these platforms.

Among the costs of these platforms, the variety of resources and platforms will help you produce better results. Instead of using a single tool, marketing agencies use multiple tools to test, analyze, and deliver the best results for their clients. This allows a more in-depth and more thorough campaign which produces better results. There’s less ambiguity whether something worked and more data-driven testing.

The other benefit of working with an agency is the number of contacts you market to doubles. When they create the newest blog on industry trends, it’s shared with your contacts and theirs. When you have an upcoming event, a well-crafted email can be sent to your contact list and theirs. You gain access to multiple resources & tools, platforms, and contacts.

Reduced Costs

Unlike month-to-month marketing, you know what your costs are upfront with an agency. You have a service list you’ll spend a fixed rate on unless you have any add-ons. You know the work that’s going to be created for the results you’re hoping to achieve. Instead of spending variable costs in different places, hoping to bring better results, you can spend the same amount and test what worked best in each marketing channel. You can discover what marketing channels you should be pouring money into while keeping up in areas you need.

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While hiring an agency may cost more upfront, it’ll cost less than the salaries of an in-house marketing team. If you don’t already have a team, there are training costs, wages, and benefits you need to calculate as well. With month-to-month expenses, you can budget better and plan ahead.

Consultation & Strategy

Depending on who you go with and what services you pay for, having an outside source to look at your company and audit your current efforts can help with your strategy. We can get lost in our day-to-day operations. It’s useful to have an outsider take a look at what we’re doing to determine if we’re working towards our objectives in the best ways or if our objectives need to change altogether. Sometimes, agencies give you the consultation you need without actually having to hire a consultant. They’ll plan a marketing strategy to meet your goals and help you deliver campaigns from more than one point-of-view.

At Red Branch Media, when you sign on, you get access to all our services as a client member. Each of client member tier works on an hour-based model which you can choose according to your budget. SEO, digital ads, design and branding, strategy and operations, web dev, lead gen, and a whole lot more to fit your budget. We’ll develop a custom strategy and give you our expertise on how to meet your objectives the best. Interested in learning more? Work with us.