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#RBMPosters: Stay Motivated at Work in the New Year [Download]

The holidays are over, but the busyness of a new year is still here. Many of us cashed in on our hard-earned vacation time over the past few weeks. With all the looming time off, some days it was difficult to stay on task. The thought of skiing in the Rockies or hanging out on a beach is enough to leave even the most dedicated worker a little distracted. Luckily, we have our great work ethic and some awesome graphic designers on our team. They made this wicked poster to remind everyone that there are no excuses for subpar results.

It’s a #NewYear and this poster from our #GraphicDesign team is perfect for all the focused, no excuses people who get stuff done: Click To Tweet

Now we’re back at it with the Red Branch Media, maybe less than conventional, company-wide “so-much-work-to-do-and-not-enough-time” mentality. As the days pass, this poster’s go-getting theme will stick with us. Lucky for you, we’re offering up a downloadable version that won’t cost you a dime and it might just help you stay motivated like it did for us.

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